Pranksters ransack Eagle-Vail school |

Pranksters ransack Eagle-Vail school

EAGLE-VAIL – Pranksters strung 25 pairs of undies from the flagpole of Battle Mountain High School during the late night hours, Thursday, according to a Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.The vandals also managed to plastic wrap park benches, place black-and-gold streamers in trees, benches, lights and rafters. Plastic forks adorned the grass and “’06” was spelled out in flour on the lawn.The Vail Daily dispenser was taped to the entry way pillar while the Vail Trail counterpart hung from the rafters.Other tomfoolery was reported by county deputies, who sought to inform the school principal of the dirty deeds. Deputies also cleaned the plastic wrap and removed the underwear from the flag pole. They also took the Vail Daily dispenser off the pillar.Staff Writer J.K. Perry can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 450, or Vail, Colorado

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