Premier Impressions program going strong |

Premier Impressions program going strong

Lourdes FerzaccaVail, CO, Colorado

Great customer service is essential for any resort town. A town built on tourism needs to evaluate how its biggest asset, its employees, interact with its customers.The town of Vail is the perfect example. Just look at the difference between summer and winter. Summer is the season where Vail locals discover, and rediscover, other locals and can pick each other out from the crowd of people that storm Vail every winter. To help the Vail business community put its best foot forward, the Vail Chamber & Business Association has joined with Vail Resorts, the Vail Daily, and the town of Vail to sponsor the Premier Impressions program to reward and promote great customer service training. This is a unique opportunity to reward the people who keep the town running.The Premier Impressions program has been a Vail staple for the last seven years and community participation in the program has been increasing every year. Premier Impressions runs from November to March and rewards employees who make a visit to Vail as enjoyable and memorable as possible.The program was created to complement the Turn It Up! customer service training classes and rewards excellence in customer service delivered by Vail employees. Nominated employees receive a $50 Vail Gift Card, and become eligible for other prizes. These prizes are given away at a year-end party. Last years party was at Billys Island Grill. Prizes included a cruise to Mexico, a free five-mountain ski pass and a town of Vail parking pass. With the grand prize of $5,000 cash, much enthusiasm was generated by the winners.If someone has gone above and beyond and delivered excellence in customer service, and you would wish to nominate him or her, you can pick up the brochures at almost any merchant in town. You can also visit the Vail Chamber web site at to print a copy. The Premier Impressions program has become an invaluable customer service incentive program for Vail employees. Please use this program to its fullest and nominate, or let people know about it. Your nomination rewards employees for their hard work and helps to further great service throughout Vail.Lourdes Ferzacca is President of the Vail Chamber & Business Association Board of Directors.

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