Prepare for the worst, Vail Valley |

Prepare for the worst, Vail Valley

Tavius Sims
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’d like to be an optimist about this upcoming year and speculate about a magical turnaround within our economy, but I’m afraid reality won’t let me be so shiny. All I want to do in this short letter is to alert many of you to some important information. The greatest thing for you and your family to do in the next few months and the greatest insurance that you can acquire for yourselves is storable food, as much as you can possibly afford ” one year’s worth for a family is a start.

I’ve been listening and learning from smart men and women for years ” Ron Paul for example ” who have been forecasting the impending economic doom to sweep through our nation and the entire world in a very short time.

Regardless of how bad the economy gets, probably much like the conditions of the 1920s and ’30s, we are in for a dramatic life change.

Like Ted Turner, of Turner Broadcasting, has said in recent interviews, it will be a time to meet your neighbor, kids will move back in with their parents, and our lifestyles will all change.

None of it matters if you can’t feed yourselves. I have six months of canned, dried, storable food in the basement. No currency system has lasted longer than 70 years, and we are at that time. We are not about to stop funding our $1 trillion war machine, and therefore, we will fail. Our economy is done, and the stimulus package is a big, dumb Band-Aid that won’t work, either.

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Our country has only enough food to feed all of us for three to seven days if there was a glitch in the system. In the 1970s, that number was more than 30 days of food per individual.

Our entire system is on the brink of collapse and only those of us prepared will weather the storm. You must prepare.

Even if I’m wrong and things turn around, at least you’ll have the comfort of knowing your stuff is tucked away. So many of you I talk to don’t want to hear it, but reality is king.

Get ample food for your pets, as well, and a durable water filter that can filter swamp water. The stones are set to fall into place. Don’t let them fall on you. God bless.

Tavius Sims


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