Presales begin for first phase of residences at Haymeadow in Eagle |

Presales begin for first phase of residences at Haymeadow in Eagle

First phase of sprawling 836-unit development will include seven buildings of 76 units

Haymeadow is accepting reservations on its first 15 multifamily units now, as part of the development's Seven Hermits project.
Courtesy Photo/ Jens Werner

Eagle residents have first dibs on the first units set to be built at Haymeadow, the sprawling 200-acre development that was first approved by the town back in 2014. A part of the new development project is now available for presale to Eagle residents, with final pricing set on the individual units.

Come March 2, Eagle County residents can jump at the housing.

Within the entire 200-acre Haymeadow development, the Seven Hermits project will include seven buildings of 76 units. On Feb. 7, the development team at Haymeadow announced the establishment of a presale program for 15 of the multi-family units, the first of what is soon to be a populous pocket of Eagle. 

Of the Seven Hermits project’s 76 units, 15 are available for presale to Eagle residents now. Forty-three units will likely be spoken for by the county to provide a deed-restricted affordable housing program for local residents and employees, per a yet-to-be-finalized deal. The final 18 units are set to be sold to local residents and employees in the near future at a capped price as Eagle Local Employee Residency Program units.

“All of our units are going to be the most affordable for housing you can get in Eagle right now, just in terms of what is available,” Haymeadow owner Brandon Cohen said. “But, the most affordable units will be those LERP units.”

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The Seven Hermits project is anticipated to have a Summer 2024 move-in date. The units currently available for presale have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but Cohen said the units offer much more than sleeping and living accommodations.

Cohen said the Haymeadow residences are set to alleviate some of the pressure in the local housing market. Core values the developers are focusing on for the project include providing an attainable price point, benefiting locals, building sustainably and providing access to amenities. 

Of the 200 acres of land Haymeadow will sit upon, only 40% will be developed. The other 60% of space allows the developers to implement community planner Randall Arendt’s concept of conservation-oriented design. 

Future residents will be able to enjoy surrounding habitats, including a protected wetland area. A major goal of the developers is to not disrupt those natural systems, said Jens Werner, a spokesperson for the Haymeadow development team.

“To the south of the neighborhood is a large, conserved wetland area that’s part of the Brush Creek drainage, and that’s wild,” Werner said. “While it’s not like an elk spot, there’s wildlife in terms of waterfowl birds — that’s all conserved in perpetuity.”

The development is also situated in an area with lots of nearby amenities, including Mountain Recreation’s Eagle Pool and Ice Rink and Haymaker trail within walking distance. On-site, developers are planning on including other amenities as well, including a dog park and natural walkways.

In addition to the conservation-mindedness and amenities, Cohen said residents might benefit from sustainable aspects of the Seven Hermits phase of construction. The all-electric condos are pre-wired for solar panels. So, owners can choose to install solar and fully offset electricity. 

“I assume all of (the potential owners) will choose to do so with the federal tax credit available,” Cohen said. “It’s incredibly economical.”

With their electric and solar capabilities, the Seven Hermits condos align with Eagle’s town-wide goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2030. 

An interior rendering of a Seven Hermits two-bedroom condo unit is shown above. The units will be ready-to-go for solar installation upon move-in, one of the ways developers said sustainability is in-mind for the Haymeadow project.
Jens Werner/Courtesy photo

Additionally, the Seven Hermits condos will also be serving the Eagle community by providing much-needed affordable housing options to the market. Werner said that in terms of for-sale options available throughout the valley, two-bedroom condos are the most underserved, yet highly demanded ones. 

“The town of Eagle did a housing affordability study very recently,” Werner said. “The biggest gap in the town of Eagle is for-sale homes that are priced in 100 to 140% of AMI range.”

Despite the units’ affordable prices, Cohen said Haymeadow projects including Seven Hermits will not be taking shortcuts with construction. 

“We didn’t want to sacrifice quality to lower price points,” Cohen said. “We want to do that in more creative ways and that’s part of this partnership with the county and maybe taking a little bit less margin on the first phase but being able to put something up that the town can be proud of that signals quality, even though it’s going to be on the more affordable end.”

Most low-affordability housing projects do modular construction, which Cohen said often comes with a lot of stigmas. Modular construction projects cut down on the amount of local labor needed, and when not executed correctly, can diminish the quality of a housing project. 

“One thing I would want people to be aware of is this is stick-built construction with local labor from RN Nelson,” Cohen said. “We said very early on, almost a decade ago when we got this approved, that we were going to make an impact locally and use local labor.”

Construction of the Seven Hermits homes will begin in April and is set to continue until Summer 2024. Local construction company RA Nelson LLC will be undertaking the Haymeadow construction, including the Seven Hermits phase. 

The 76 units of the Seven Hermits project will just be a sliver of the entire 836-unit total Haymeadow development, but presales are giving developers a taste of how populating the community will look in the future.  

“So far, we’re really happy with the interest we’ve gotten,” Cohen said.

For inquiries about the Seven Hermits condos, parties can contact listing broker Scott Schlosser or visit the Haymeadow website

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