Preserve Ford Park |

Preserve Ford Park

Josef Staufer

Editor’s note: This letter is addressed to Vail Councilor Mark Gordon

Dear Mark,

I note from the Vail Daily that you have again suggested Ford Park as a possible solution for Vail Resorts day skier parking problem.

Not knowing whether you are talking as a councilman on behalf of your constituents or as an ex-employee of Vail Resorts, I find it hard to believe that you seriously think Ford Park was acquired for the purpose of day skier parking.

Let me first say that Vail Associates, Inc. and later Vail Resorts, Inc. have NEVER in 45 years taken responsibility to accommodate their clients’ parking needs. Over the years, it was always an issue that they promised to address with the next development. So far nothing has been done. Your talking about using Ford Park may again give them the idea that as long as they do nothing somehow the town will take care of it.

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At the Citizens Forum’s master planning of Ford Park a few years ago, it was clearly established that the citizens did not want Ford Park to be used for day skier parking although the staff at that time was adamant to include parking in the master plan. The council overruled the staff and left parking out of the master plan.

If the New York City Council had accepted every proposal that was put before them in regards to Central Park, Central Park would be covered twice with development. They had the foresight and the courage to say no.

Ford Park is our central park and should be protected from any development and be enjoyed in its present state.

The construction camp that we like to call home is becoming more and more undesirable to our guests and I know quite a few who have relocated to other areas.

Now you are suggesting another two-year construction project for Ford Park. Ford Park is the only major attraction Vail has left in the summer. Fool around with that and you will have a seriously derogatory affect on Vail’s summer business for years to come.

Preserve Ford Park and resist any attempt to urbanize this great natural resource.

By the way, Vail Resorts owns plenty of land on which to address their day skier parking problem and they have the cash.

Don’t make it our problem.

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