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President’s Day weekend entertainment schedule

Ben Quirk
Special to the Daily

Wednesday already eh? What are the chances? It’s been a long week full of fun and frolics for me let me tell you, if I wasn’t being smothered in kisses on Monday I was smothering others with the same and before that I was generously handing out beads on Mardi Gras. Sure I’m tired but then I see the musical goings on this week and I’m suddenly energized and ready for another seven days of fast living, revelry and musical mishief. Rebirth Brass Band blows people away Wednesday 8150 Veteran brass band Rebirth, warm up their show at 8150 for Street Beat by Checkpoint Charlie. 22 years since the band formed and with tours taking in the four corners of the globe RBB know how to play and play hard. Blending traditional brass band music with modern styles these apostles from New Orleans’ bustling melting pots of jazz and soul has landed them a heavy funk style all of their own. Bump support.Global Funk play it again Wednesday SandbarSecond chance to see these muddy funksters whip up a storm at Sandbar. Classic jazz, instrumentals and rock crash and flow.

Paul Galaxy & The Galactix rev it up Thursday at Sundance SaloonIf you like rockabilly and I mean really like rockabilly then you’ll love Paul Galaxy. Featuring: white t-shirts tucked into jeans, classic rockabilly coiffures, reams of songs about women, cars, women in cars, looking at women from cars and other aspects of the American Dream (possibly involving females and or automobiles). Loud and fun.Hairy Apes BMX experiment with intensity Thursday at SandbarYou get the impression with the Hairy Apes that this is what happens when some mates get together on a drunken evening and start messing about with instruments and electronics and it all accidentally falls into place. One fun night suddenly turns into a free flowing act of creation where jazz and funk hit hip-hop, solid beats and Latin lyrics. Expect the tempo to be high and the dance floor bouncing.New Monsoon deliver a musical cloudburst Thursday at 8150″If I had to I’d say we’re a world influenced rock band, the way Santana would have been perceived in the 70s.” This is Jeff Miller, vocalist for New Monsoon being pressed to label his own music. The label clearly doesn’t sit comfortably:”But then we have lots of different sounds in there, very eclectic. Sometimes we’ll drop a Pink Floyd style song in there if we think people want to go a bit cerebral, other times because it’s a night show we’ll be a lot more high energy, you know more rock and dancing.” Travelling around Idaho in a big converted Bluebird bus the seven member band have been coming on leaps and bounds since they were given’s, “Emerging Artist of the Year 2003.” Baker acknowledges the positive effect of the award:”It was really good for us, we got to play some great festivals and gigs, people are still finding out about us by word of mouth you know. We’re just trying to gather more people on the bus as it were and make it to the level of the Widespreads and the String Cheeses. We want to make it more of a concert experience with visuals and lights. We grew up with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and that’s where we want to be.”

Guttermouth batter the senses Friday at 8150 Bandscene remembers this time last year when I was trying to sleep after a hard day’s work, lost in a dream world of warm sun and Hawaiian beaches I was dragged from slumber by a wild, clearly disturbed apparition that looked vaguely like my room mate. Covered in grime from head to toe, he couldn’t stop smiling and his oblivious nature to the time (3.a.m.) was matched only by the impairment of his hearing. Stumbling around my room, utterly exhausted, he suddenly looked at me and roared:”Guttermouth were epic. They were so good buddy, it was crazy up there, crazy. Mosh pit was going off.” He impulsively hugged me good night and left, staggering back to his room mumbling superlatives in a hoarse whisper and leaving me to fall back to sleep, slightly mucky and ruing a missed opportunity. Mark Adkins, vocalist for the punk metallers wasn’t surprised when I retold the story:”We just played Fort Collins last night and it was like an early 80s throwback aggressive punk show. You know people jumping from the stage, tackling guitarists, amps getting tumbled. It gets pretty crazy sometimes.” “Apart from the all the groupies probably the most intense situation was this Cincinatti show where a bunch of straight edgers went for us. These guys might not drink or have sex but they’re sure as hell violent. We must have offended them somehow by drinking at the show, or smoking a little and like 35 of them waited outside, I thought they were gonna kills us. In the end I called the cops because I was afraid of getting knifed.” Support provided by F-Loader & ADB (Another Damned Disappointment)Shakedown Street wake the Dead Friday & Saturday at SandbarTwo nights of the same band may seem a little odd until you realize it’s Shakedown Street taking to the stage. Primarily a Grateful Dead cover band they pride themselves on never playing the same show twice, with a ridiculously large repertoire of classics and originals Shakedown Street are seen by many as simply holding the fort until Jerry Garcia comes back from his sabbatical with Elvis and Kurt Cobain.Orion’s Room play for prezzies Saturday at 8150Denver pop-rock act take the risk out of Saturday night. Offering a densely layered sound of rock and folk, Orion’s Room have been making quite a name for themselves in these parts.

Dan Walker & The Sky sell a slice of life Sunday at 8150Leaving the trailer homes of Texas behind, Dan Walker has set out on a musical path where funk and blues interchange with folk and rock. Quietly making a name for himself the singer / songwriter has clearly only just begun his journey.Bill Nershi Honky Tonk Homeslice with Hot Buttered Run String Band performs Saturday & Sunday at FritesBill Nershi needs no introduction, his role as a mainstay in String Cheese Incident means he will be welcomed with open arms wherever he plays. It’s unusual and special then to be able to see Nershi in such close up surroundings where he’ll be playing with his wife Gillian and sharing a double bill with Hot Buttered Rum String Band. An occasion to take the time and go walking in the Nershi’s world.Tea Leaf Green proffer herbal rock remedies Tuesday SandbarThe future is looking rosy for TLG, riding a wave of solid shows and a strongly growing groundswell of popular opinion and word of mouth, this tight-knit group of musicians are sure to rock the Sandbar.The four members bring all their different backgrounds and tastes and throw them together to produce the TLG sound. Energetic and creative, they’ll pass the lead onto any band member and then support them through an electric session while all the time having a talent for infusing the audience with a sense of participating in something special.Vail, Colorado

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