Presidents Day weekend Upon us

Brian Ross

Friday – Valentine’s Day starts the weekend out and Vail provides equally for the couples and those on the prowl. Platzl provides DJ Late Night on his decks. For the festivities he plans to take a little off his possibly frightening set list and replace it with a few quirkier and softer tunes within both hip-hop and punk genres, let love run wild. At The Bridge is DJ Harry and his tribal house beats. He is always capable of pulling out a unique and exhilarating night on the turntables. Sanctuary has Mike D. on the first floor. Bring your girl in after that fancy dinner in the village for chocolate martinis and a lounge vibe. As the night progresses so does the music, from a down tempo lounge vibe into more danceable house tracks. On the top floor is Mike Mcgoun who spins anything you can think of. He has access to all styles, so just make a request. Down valley in Avon they have their own club scene with D.J. B spinning hip-hop, rap, and R&B.Saturday – things start with local regulars Steve Stone and Z-28 at the Bridge. These guys lay down hip-hop and rap to get the crowd pumping. While they prefer more underground styles expect to hear it all. At Sanctuary the monthly offering of Unity Gain returns with DJs Ivy, Sex Clown, Ejay, Psychonaut, and Liondub all taking turns on wheels of steel for both floors. Downstairs coming off the decks will be dub, roots reggae, and down tempo sounds, a lounge vibe with heavy bass, strong delays, and soulful lo-fi instrumentation, so just sit back and enjoy the vibe. Upstairs the dance floor will be waiting with hard house, breaks, and fast rhythmic jams. Add Scott Stoughton of Sucker and his live percussions and vocals and the room will be going off. You haven’t even heard about the visuals yet. Sanctuary generously accepts a redecoration for Unity Gain, with candles, tapestries and screens to show movie clips and visual abstracts, a full sensory experience. 8150 doesn’t want to be left out, so they bring back trance superstar Kimball Collins after a year away from the valley, playing super-clubs around the world. The last time he played, I found it to be a night to remember, hopefully it will be again. This time the night is a release party for his new DVD and CD “Live in Tokyo.” Opening for him is one of his biggest fans, local favorite Hal Coleman. Hal will pull out all the stops with progressive, breaks, and house sounds to start the night off right, so show up early.Sunday – is the night for locals to take a quick breather. If you are a visitor to town feel free to join them. The choices start with The Bridge and Sunday Night Solutions, another chance to check out Scotty’s dub vibe. This night has DJ.Com behind the decks playing bass-heavy delay filled tracks. Scott from the well-known part-time local band Sucker adds the live instrumentation. Another option is Service Industry Night at Sanctuary. More house music for sounds and pleasant company for atmosphere. Both nights up the ante with superb drink specials. Down valley folks, don’t feel left out; you have the Zen Den at Agave with DJ C-Note. Lounge beats from hip-hop to down tempo for a relaxing Sunday night.Monday – is the night to see new talent and prove what you can do at 8150. Open Turntable night lets you get behind the wheels of steel Kimball Collins just played and show your stuff. Do you have the skills? Down valley once again proves it has what it takes with Groove at Agave. This night has DJ Gibby, Mike-D and more throwing down techno, house, and breaks.Tuesday – at the Bridge has a reprise of Saturday night with Steve Stone and Z-28 spinning their hip-hop favorites. Chris Kuchler the valley’s hardest working DJ hits Agave in Avon with his Chicago-style disco, funk, and house.Thursday – brings the end of this week and one more act that failed to make an appearance last year. Fishbone is back at 8150 with their mayhem bringing combination titled “nutmeg” by band members. What is “nutmeg” really? It’s ska, funk, soul, punk, rock, jazz, and reggae: A combination that must be seen to believe. Singer Angelo Moore’s onstage antics have made Fishbone one of the best live acts around in my eyes. You may have never heard them on the radio, but that’s because no one can figure out what format to play them on, their best format is definitely live. Chris Kuchler proves how hard he works with one more night on the turntables. This time he is at the Bridge.All in all a great week of entertainment in the clubs of the Vail Valley with music of all genres and styles with a great band added in, enjoy.

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