Printing woes |

Printing woes

Cliff Thompson
Press Operator Brock Stone, left, sets a gripper system and Mindy Ring, lead press operator, watches folders during a recent press start-up at the Gypsum printing facility.

Here1s why your newspaper was late Thursday.Press problems at the Colorado Mountain News Media1s new printing plant in Gypsum delayed the Vail Daily1s early morning appearance on the street.Technical and mechanical difficulties caused a shutdown of the new DGM Press that was installed at the plant last fall and was brought fully on line in January.The new press is in the final stages of 3commissioning, said CMNM Plant Manager Jim Hemig, adding that a modification to the water train 3caused web breakage, delaying the paper. 3We were changing the system to increase the performance of the press, and it dripped on the webs.Fortunately, crews from the manufacturer, DGM, were on hand for the final commissioning and were able to assist resolving the issues.Each night four daily newspapers<the Summit Daily, the Vail Daily, the Glenwood Post-Independent and The Aspen Times<are printed at the plant. CMNM also prints nine weekly products, as well as other customers1 products for a total of 70 or more press runs a week.When that routine is broken, as it was for the last two nights, it interrupts the timing of early morning delivery runs for the dailies.For readers, the delay may have been an inconvenience. But for the people producing and distributing the paper, it was a nightmare requiring heroics in getting the paper out to the more than 800 daily delivery points<as well as up to 3,000 hotel room doors<throughout the valley.Paper delivery crews often work part-time and hold other daytime jobs, so late printings sometimes require delivery effort by other departments. Members of the Vail Daily sales staff<even a few managers< were out filling boxes once the papers arrived late at the loading dock Thursday morning.In addition, Wednesday1s paper lacked color on the front page and the rest of the front section because the color units of the press had to be taken off-line to fix 3the water train problem, Hemig said.

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