Priorities off in Eagle County |

Priorities off in Eagle County

Chris Mott, Leadville

I work at the Eagle County Detention Facility. I was at a meeting yesterday attended by two of the Eagle County commissioners and the contrast was so stark for me I just have to say this: Your commissioners, while trying to save money (a noble cause) had no idea what is happening here at the Sheriff’s Office and the effect of the loss of money here. Our officers, road and detentions, are being placed at very high risk by budget cuts, mandatory training without enough staff to do their jobs required by the public. This puts them and the citizens at very high risk.

I live in Lake County, one of the poorest counties in the state. We have a very high risk of disaster and thus a state of emergency is in place. Now, our commissioners, three highly honorable men who take their public servant role seriously, have taken an inordinate amount of flak for this, even though the potential for loss of human lives is still present. Two of them are up for re-election this year and they may lose their seats. The mayor stated in a letter to the Rocky Mountain News that tourism is more important than lives. (Interestingly, revenues for our county have increased.) The commissioners see their primary responsibility is public safety. These courageous men stood up to the feds, the state Department of Health and insist on protecting the public.

The Eagle County commissioners see no difference between public safety and day care. Our commissioners will leave with honor and integrity.

Will your commissioners step up to the plate?

I surely hope so.

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