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Imagine, if you can, what sort of reaction a president might receive if he proposed an initiative to spend an extra $200 billion on schools, health care and other social programs. Then, contrast that to the reaction to spending that much on, say, a splendid little war somewhere.

Have you ever wondered, as you bump and jolt over our deteriorating roads here in Colorado, about the amount of U.S. taxpayer money being spent to build and improve roads in places like Afghanistan and Iraq?

Remember the days when Republicans were all about fiscal responsibility and taking care of the homefront before running around the globe trying to fix the world on our dime? What happened to those thrifty elephants of yesteryear?

Pondered lately why those of a more liberal persuasion are ridiculed and marginalized for putting forward ideas for helping people while their counterparts have a blank check to pay for everything from land mines to aircraft carriers? Think the military-industrial complex is running amok?

Thought lately about how much use aircraft carriers are in the so-called “war on terror?” Concerned about what running a dozen of these things costs and curious as to how that money could be spent elsewhere ” protecting the ports and keeping a tighter eye on shipping, perhaps?

Just wondering …

Vail, Colorado

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