Private life of a classical musician |

Private life of a classical musician

Daily Staff Report

When Academy Award-nominated director and producer Daniel Anker set out in the spring of 2000 to explore on film the individual stories of musicians in The Philadelphia Orchestra, he discovered music itself was the documentary’s main character.”It’s not a film about the craft of playing in a symphony orchestra,” Anker said. “It’s about music as it is experienced by all of us. There’s no conductor when you sing in the shower.”Rather than focus on their lives in the orchestra pit, Anker focused on how each musician experiences music in their private lives, outside of their professions. To accomplish this, Anker spent five years shooting in three continents. The New York Times called the result “profound and moving…a crowd pleaser emotionally, musically and intellectually.”The film is made especially poignant by the fact that The Philadelphia Orchestra will be in residence this summer for Vail’s 20th annual Bravo music series. The opening night concert takes place on July 7.”Music From the Inside Out” screens Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Crossroads Cinema in Vail. The film will be followed by a private reception for Bravo patrons at the Crossroads Market. Tickets are $11 and can be purchased at the box office.

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