Private ski resort passes early test |

Private ski resort passes early test

J.K. Perry

MINTURN ” Questions flew, the developer answered, and the Minturn Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved conceptual plans for development of a private ski and golf resort on and around Battle Mountain.

The conceptual plan is just that ” conceptual. Few concrete details ” including all-important traffic projections ” concerning the development exist in this plan, technically called a Planned Unit Development.

“It’s an idea,” Minturn Town Planner Wiley Smith said last week. “It’s not hard and fast ” it can change.”

Representatives of the Ginn Company ” the developer that plans to build 1,700 homes, a ski resort with eight chairlifts, a golf course and several other amenities south of Minturn ” presented information about the development for two hours Wednesday.

The planning commission then grilled the representatives for another two hours before approving the plan with Smith’s conditions, which the developer must follow in the next phase of planning.

The commission said it also will hold the Ginn Company to every promise they made in public hearings before the commission.

The Ginn Company is now on the hook to submit a more detailed, but still preliminary plan within 90 days.

All 47 agencies involved at federal, state and county then have 30 days to pencil in their own recommendations for the project.

The bulk of tweaking takes place when the Planning and Zoning Commission gets the preliminary plan, Smith said.

The five-member commission looks at how the resort’s water use, sewer system, traffic and size will impact the town.

Once the commission passes along its recommendations to the Minturn Town Council, the political toiling begins.

“The planning commission will have looked very closely at the plan from a land-use view point,” Smith said. “So the council can look at it from a more political view, how citizens look at the plan.”

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