Pro-Eagle River Station group forms |

Pro-Eagle River Station group forms

Eagle Valley EnterpriseEagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado -A community group in support of Eagle River Station has been formed to promote the shopping complex in the run-up to the January election.”Yes for Eagle’s Future,” chaired by Eagle residents Todd Morrison and Frances Rolater, will be actively supporting Eagle River Station in the coming weeks, according to a press release issued by the group on Wednesday.”As a citizen of Eagle, I was so pleased that the Board of Trustees voted 5-2 in favor of Eagle River Station,” said Rolater. “A project this substantial, and with this much potential to help secure the future of Eagle deserves to move ahead.””The board made the right decision,” agreed Morrison. “Now Eagle can move toward a position where we can capture the sales tax we need to serve our community; create construction and long-term jobs for the people that live here; and provide an ongoing revenue stream that can help improve the town.” Both Morrison and Rolater were particularly happy that the town board agreed to direct some of the revenue from Eagle River Station toward downtown Eagle. “Yes for Eagle’s Future” will be planning a number of events and activities in anticipation of a townwide vote.

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