Pro-life, but not pro-survival |

Pro-life, but not pro-survival

Life. Living things. Republicans and their Christian conservative henchman are so pro-life ” that means they love all life and all living things.

How John Muir! How Age of Aquarius! My gosh, they love life so much they’re just gleeful about gutting the Endangered Species Act and shredding all the laws meant to keep our air and water clean enough to breathe and drink.

I mean, they love life so miraculously much they’re not worried one blessed bit about reducing the pollution that, some scientists believe, is making it harder for earthlings who’ve conceived to have successful pregnancies.

Life is just so gloriously special they’re doing nothing to ensure its continued existence on this ailing planet. Living things are so adored-by-a-higher-power these right wingers are rapturously doing nothing to make sure living things will still be able to live where they live (or live anywhere else) 50 years from now.

A human being who is truly pro-life should not only have his hair on fire about collapsing skyscrapers but also about the collapsing environment.

A human being who is really pro-life should be as saddened by the pointless deaths of Moslem civilians in American military offensives as she is about the pointless deaths of Christian civilians in London subway bombings.

Human beings who are honestly pro-life should be much, much more worried about finding cleaner ways to fuel America’s lofty standard of living than cleaning up Tony Soprano’s potty mouth.

But pro-lifers’ definition of life is selfishly, conceitedly and fatally narrow. For all their blather about the sacredness of sentience, they don’t seem as concerned about quality when it comes to spending several decades on Earth.

As long as nobody’s showing half a nipple on TV, the human race is safe.

Their Biblically deluded solution to the country’s problems is marriage, even though marriage is a big problem for many Americans. They think a mate ” rather than help paying for day care, higher wages or cheaper medicine ” is the only way to help a single parent raise his or her kids and live a more fulfilling life.

But, to their shock, some people just don’t want to get married and some people don’t know any they want to marry.

Only when some freedom-hating heathens complain about the 10 Commandments being plastered all over classrooms, courtrooms and city halls, do they start frothing about degraded environments.

It’s this skewed worldview that interprets some Americans’ wishes not to be bombarded by scripture as hostility toward Christian beliefs.

Come to think of it, that’s about as hostile as the Iraqis got. They expressed no desire to be bombed to smithereens, so feeling threatened by their desire to get on with their lives, the Bush Administration told a whopping lie and made life along the Tigris and Euphrates even worse than it was when a crazy dictator was in charge.

The problem some Americans have with religious conservatives is not the intensity of their religious beliefs. Most Americans think people are free to pray to whatever god they want, whether it’s Jesus, Allah, Buddha, a Martian, an alligator or a cucumber.

The problem is that as the Bush Administration plods on, some Americans feel scripture creeping into the courts and the county’s schools, and these Americans don’t want their behavior or intellects guided by a belief-system they see causing more problems than it’s solving.

Christian conservatives fret about poverty and dignity but think birth control is a grievous sin.

And life ” in its wider, more vibrant meaning ” is learning and progress and experience. But Bushies want to replace science with their intelligent design fantasy.

According to the Associated Press the bonehead-in-chief told a group of Texas reporters “part of education is to expose people to different schools of thought.”

If he’s suddenly so philosophically liberal why does his base go berserk at the idea of teaching students about safe sex or homosexuality or other actual facts of life? Sounds like Bush would rather leave every child behind.

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