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‘Pro-lifers’ need to step up

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Vail CO, Colorado

So this is the big “win” the anti-abortion crowd has been waiting decades for: a ban on one kind of abortion procedure with the hope that a full ban is only the next step.

Leaving aside the question of why five guys in robes get to make reproductive health choices for all U.S. women, the thing we’d like to see is less gloating and celebrating from the “pro-life” set and more ideas about where they can take this. It’s one thing to say you’re anti-abortion or pro-life and quite another to look reality in the eye and do something about it besides limiting reproductive freedom.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, in the wake of this ruling, the pro-lifers took that political capital and raised money to fund adoption centers across the U.S.? They would in essence be saying that they understand the human tendency to reproduce accidentally and create programs to help pregnant moms and the dads through the pregnancy and adoption process. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

Banning some or even all abortions from those who seek them will only drive those who can afford it to other countries and those who cannot to seek dangerous back-alley terminations. No matter how passionately one might feel about abortion being wrong, there’s no denying this reality. We see it in other countries (Costa Rica, for one), we saw it in the U.S. pre-Roe vs. Wade.

Curiously, there’s also an intersection between the pro-lifers with those who would shun realistic birth-control education and availability to the group at highest risk for unwanted pregnancy: teenagers. If protecting fetuses is the pro-lifers’ No. 1 priority, common sense would suggest the place to start is preventing conception in the first place. But logic and realism, it would seem, are anathema to those who hang on to religious dogma and insist on ludicrous “celibacy only” sex ed.

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Wake up: It’s a brave new world, America, so break out the condoms.

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