Pro-meth fliers placed on windshields |

Pro-meth fliers placed on windshields

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. ” The fliers read “METH” in capital letters, followed by the claim “One man’s risk is another man’s benefit.”

They even promote that the highly-addictive drug methamphetamine has been “Trusted and Used since 1887.”

Grand Junction police and other authorities were investigating Tuesday to learn who had placed such fliers on windshields and in windows of vehicles at Mesa Mall, Wal-Mart, Grand Junction High School and Fruit Monument High School.

The fliers began appearing Tuesday afternoon.

“This to me is insane, but it’s sad,” Lisa Garbeer, Grand Junction resident, told KJCT-TV after finding a flier on her vehicle at Mesa Mall.

“I’ve been here for 20 years, so this is pretty sad. But yeah, it’s scary.”

The literature states crystal meth is “Great for Weight Loss,” and that it “Temporarily improves athletic abilities!”

Grand Junction resident Lisa Vargo, walking back to her vehicle from the mall, also found a flier under one of windshield wipers.

“It’s a shame they’re trying to do this, like especially the weight loss,” Vargo told KJCT. “I can see how some young teenagers would think that would be the thing to do, or maybe, you know, have more energy or whatever.”

Police and mall officials had no suspects.

“I’ve seen people on meth. Their teeth are rotting out. They do not look human. They look like skeletons,” Garbeer said.

Authorities said the person or persons placing the fliers could face charges of trespassing.

Police spokeswoman Linda Bowman said it’s questionable whether the act of leaving fliers on the windshields of parked vehicles, in this case at least, represented any violation of law.

“As ill-advised and distasteful as the message is, it’s still free speech,” Bowman said. “If they were handing out packets of meth, that would be a different story.”

Under the banner, “Don’ Let the Man melt your “Ice”!, the fliers listed other “benefits of crystal meth use”:

– “Treats narcolepsy and ADHD!”

– “Alleviate cold and allergy symptoms!”

– “Temporarily improves athletic abilities!”

– “Increased awareness!”

Fliers advertising a business or service left on vehicles are perfectly legal, provided the people handing them out have the property owner’s consent. Bowman, however, noted Tuesday’s fliers mentioned no specific business, nor included contact information.

Police said a witness provided a general description for the flier suspect: A white male in his early 20’s, 6 feet tall with a thin build, black hair, jeans and a baseball cap turned backwards.

Grand Junction Free Press reporter Paul Shockley contributed to this report.

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