Problems with Vail parking |

Problems with Vail parking

Vail Chamber and Business Association

The following recommendations are based on feedback from customers of the VCBA membership, and reflect the wishes of our members.

1. Reinstate “Free After Three.”

2. Reinstate the one and a half hour of free parking in the Village and Lionshead structures.

3. Provide permanent and constant informational signage for three-hour customer parking in both the Village and Lionshead structures. This directional signage needs to be read before entering the roundabouts, and needs to also indicate availability of parking.

4. The three-hour shopper parking should not be available for skier parking, particularly at the current price of $20, only a few dollars more than the normal daily price.

5. We ask that there be an attendant for the shopper parking to avoid the use of two spaces by one car, and also to aid with computer pay machines. On one occasion over Christmas, five out of eight “available” spaces were in fact not available due to one car taking up two spaces. And on another day, three out five “available” spaces were unavailable for the same reason. Also, on at least one day, the machines did not accept coins at all, and after using a credit card, the 5-minute wait for the receipt caused a backup of people also trying to pay and to get down the stairs, which were by this time completely blocked.

6. We ask for increased representation from the business community on the commission so that in all future parking decisions, the business community’s concerns are seriously heard and addressed.

We would like to point out that the “representatives from the business community,” i.e. the two board members of the VCBA, who serve on the parking commission, were brought in AFTER the parking commission had already been meeting for several months. The meetings were attended by six employees of the town of Vail, two from Vail Resorts, one citizen at large, a person from ECO (the regional transportation authority), and the two VCBA representatives. We found it difficult for our views to be heard and our concerns addressed due to the overwhelming opposition to the business community’s desire to retain the “Free After Three,” and the hour and half of free parking.

We would like to add that although the issues listed above reflect our immediate concerns, we still feel that this parking plan is a short term mitigation at best.

This policy statement in no way means that we support the other new measures that have been implemented. We believe that until a new parking structure is built, we will continue to have a parking shortage.

We also believe that Vail Resorts shares the responsibility for solving this problem and needs to involve themselves in the solution for this much more than they have so far.

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