Professional athletes to study CBD oil in pain management plans |

Professional athletes to study CBD oil in pain management plans

NFL, ski racers leading the effort as Chad Fleischer launches a CBD company

Professional athletes are looking at CBD oil as part of their pain management regimen.

Several ski racers, professional football players and others made their announcements this week.

Opioids and eight surgeries

Former U.S. Ski Team star Chad Fleischer has survived a horrific crash on Austria’s Hahnenkamm, seven knee surgeries and one neck surgery.

He knows about pain.

Fleischer announced this week that he’s launching YUDAH, an organic CBD oil company that he hopes will help people deal with the aches and pain that come from age, injury and living the mountain lifestyle.

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Fleischer says he launched the company because of the physical ailments he suffered as a ski racer. He says he couldn’t find a reliable source for CBD oil, so he started his own.

Fleischer says he became disenchanted with the opiate-based drugs prescribed for his many surgeries. He switched to CBD oil after his most recent neck surgery, he said.

“We are enabling athletes like me to keep living and recreating in the best environments in the world,” Fleischer said.

Daron Rahlves, Wendy Fisher and other former U.S. Ski Team athletes are joining Fleischer, as well as former Rockies pitcher Bret Saberhagen, a three-time All-Star and two-time Cy Young Award winner.

Fleischer says YUDAH CBD products have no psychotropic effects, and are federally legal because they’re below 0.3% THC.

The NFL is also taking a look

The NFL and NFLPA also announced this week that they’re launching a Joint Pain Management Committee. Among other things, the committee will “conduct research concerning pain management and alternative therapies,” to include cannabis, cannabinoids and CBD.

The goal is bigger than marijuana, NFL’s chief medical officer Allen Sills told

“It’s to look at pain treatment,” Sills said.

The NFL’s program is designed to address pain management for current players, as well as education, prevention and behavioral health, the league said in a press release. Teams must hire a pain management specialist, and will monitor medications prescribed to players by club doctors and other physicians.

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