Promoters claim folk singer shocked them |

Promoters claim folk singer shocked them

Allen Best

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Promoters of a musical festival in Steamboat Springs called Strings in the Mountain were offering refunds to any offended concert-goers after Michelle Shocked lived up to her name.Her concert, reported The Steamboat Plot, was spliced with running political commentary in which she discussed injustice and racism and also made derogatory remarks about the two generations of Bush presidents. She comes from Texas.”At least with Howard Stern-types I know what to expect, but music versus hateful propaganda is unacceptable,” said one concert-goer, a visitor from Florida.Another concertgoer, a Bush supporter, told the newspaper that she disagreed with Shocked but wasn’t upset. “She definitely knows what she believes in, which is more than I can say for some people. And she didn’t use foul or offensive language like some performers,” said the woman, who added that she found Shocked’s music “fantastic.”A representative of Strings in the Mountains said Shocked’s political commentary surprised concert organizers. “Strings is about music,” said Betse Grassby. “We hired Michelle Shocked for her music and her songwriting. We do not condone nor support political grandstanding from our stage.”If that was the case, suggested The Pilot, then the concert organizers didn’t know much about her music. The cover of her first album, issued in 1984, showed her getting arrested at the Democratic National Convention. Hemingway wilderness part of compromiseSUN VALLEY, Idaho More wilderness compromises have been offered in Idaho in what some may well be calling Half-a-Loaf Wilderness.Rep. Mike Simpson is proposing another 40,000 acres immediately northeast of Ketchum and Sun Valley be called the Hemingway Wilderness Area. Author Ernest Hemingway spent a portion of his life in Sun Valley.But snowmobilers have said they can’t tolerate losing access to another area, called the Fourth of July basin, which Simpson had previously targeted for wilderness. So Simpson proposes to allow snowmobiles in winter, but no motorized use in summer.Ketchum Mayor Ed Simon told the Idaho Mountain Express that no one wilderness proposal will make everyone happy. “But as long as there’s a continuing dialogue, we have everything to gain and nothing to lose,” he said.

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