Promoting health, creating hope |

Promoting health, creating hope

Connie Knight/Special to the Daily
Special to the DailyMany people who served on the Heuga Center's Board of Directors joined the festivities, as well as current Board members. Left to right: Bob Gardner, Andy Daly, Lucy Davis, Jerry Jones, Sandy Treat, Laine Coffey, Billy Kidd, Brad Ghent and Jimmie Heuga.

“Promoting health, creating hope” is the slogan for the Heuga Center and, with the help of volunteers such as Barbara and Sandy Treat II, those goals are far more easily attained.

In fact, after 8 years as president of the board, Sandy left behind a legacy that assures those goals.

Recently, the Treats were honored for their unending support, leadership and service to the Heuga Center and bestowed the 2003 CAN DO Award.

The Red Sky Ranch Guest Clubhouse was the setting for the awards banquet, where tiered flowers cascaded down the stone walkway. Purple pansies; black-eyed Susans; orange, red and yellow Icelandic poppies; lavender; and sage greeted guests along with darting hummingbirds.

Also greeting guests was Debbie Heuga, in sophisticated black and white. Jimmie Heuga was there, of course, beaming with pride at the showing of support from guests. His dear friend and former Olympic racing teammate, Billy Kidd, wearing his ever-present Stetson hat, was there from Steamboat Springs.

The party was kicked off with a wine tasting courtesy of Beaver Liquors. And thanks to sommelier Zach Locke, it was educational. He told guests, “Try this, it has a beautiful floral bouquet and a nice round mid palette and a crisp long finish.”

Among some of the samplers were Arrowhead residents Julie and Jerry Jones; Catherine Bennett, from Washington, D. C.; Mary Beth Johns, from Naples, Fla.;. and Myra and Bob Krohn, from Omaha. Bellyache Ridge residents Bonnie Carroll and her husband, Jerry Rea, attended, as did Janet DeClark from Edwards.

Dinner followed with gregarious patrons such as Eleanor and Gus Bramante from Glen Lyon; Shay and Boris Momiroff, of Potato Patch; Sheika and Pepi Gramshammer, of Vail; and Bob Ziegler, of Fort Lauderdale, chatting in the buffet line.

At the Treats table were his son, Sandy III, and his wife, Kathy, and their young sons, Andrew and Sandy IV. Among guest speakers were Brian Hutchinson, director of the Heuga Center, and Ceil Folz, president of the Vail Valley Foundation. Folz joked that Barbara made people run faster because when they saw her coming they knew she would either ask for money or volunteers or both.

Bob Gardner, who’s taking over the reins as chairman of the Heuga Center, said, “Trying to fill Sandy’s shoes will be a hard job.”

A poignant and emotionally uplifting brief film was shown following dinner.

“Everyone lives with uncertainty. Mine is (multiple sclerosis),” Heuga says at the beginning. The motivator and founder of the Jimmie Heuga Center, he has been living with MS since 1970.

This is the 20th anniversary of the Center.

Hutchinson commended the Treats for their dedication.

“They are dedicated to helping people,” he said. “Sandy worked tirelessly while maintaining a vision of the center. They are invaluable to this valley.”

Connie Knight is a Vail-based freelance writer and real estate broker licensed in Colorado and Wyoming.

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