Property tax hike minimal for Eagle County |

Property tax hike minimal for Eagle County

Carole Onderdonk
Eagle, CO. Colorado

We need to shed some light on the property tax issue. The Republican candidates for county commissioner have taken the ever popular issue of lower taxes and distorted reality of the situation beyond all recognition to suit their ambitions.

Here is the real situation:

n The county commissioners have control of just 15 percent of your total tax bill. And they have minimal influence over the other 85 percent comprised of the school district, the towns and dozens of special districts (historically formed by developers to help pay for infrastructure). Each has its own board and its own unique budget issues, and, frankly, would not appreciate county meddling.

n Because two-thirds of all the property value in Eagle County is owned by part-time residents (second home owners), local residents only pay one-third of all property tax. However, locals receive almost all of the county services. That is a pretty good deal. Invest one dollar and get back three.

n State law mandates that local taxpayers cannot get a special lower rate without a change in the Colorado Constitution. Peter Runyon is working at the state House to get this changed to include a “homestead rebate” similar to the state of Florida. He is working on real relief for us locals.

n Dick Gustafson and his partner in disinformation, Debbie Buckley, have signed a pledge to ask the voters to restore the TABOR tax limit on county revenues. What they don’t tell you is that only one-third of any savings will go to Eagle County citizens and that works out to just $10, or two lattes per month per property owner.

Don’t be swayed by distorted election year promises of “lower taxes.” Vote for someone who is committed to and who has worked tirelessly for Eagle County. Vote for Peter Runyon.

Carole Onderdonk


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