Property transfers-10.24.07 |

Property transfers-10.24.07

Daily Staff ReportVail CO, Colorado

Prop. Trans. – 10-24Christopher S. & Jodi M. Dietrich to Gypsum Aspen Ridge, 10/15, WD Lot 3, Aspen Ridge at Buckhorn Valley, $534,000.George & Margaret Tedesco to Wintergreen Homes-Brett II, 10/15, WD Lot 1, Southfork Meadows, $768,000.Aaron & Jennifer Hill to David B. & Cynthia A. Metzler, 10/16, WD Lot 44, Eagle Ranch Fil. 2, $524,000.Riverhouse Property LLC to Riverhouse 3 LLC, 10/16, WD Lot 3, Riverhouse Condo., $3,100,000.Helmut & Ursula Fricker to EJB LLC, 10/16, WD Lot 25, Eagle Ranch Fil. 3, $1,080,000.Christopher D. Kenney to Rufus Crockett, 10/16, WD Lot 2A, Buffer Creek Condo., $370,000.John & Natalie Mosesso to Anthony Scharpf, 10/16, WD Lot 52, Wildridge Sub., $655,000.Christopher Hoover to Stella R. Cruz, 10/16, WD Lot D-28, Greenbrier Condo., $332,000.Joseph F. Runtz to Calderon & Assoc., 10/16, WD Lot 14B, Tenderfoot Sub., $372,500.Joan D. Francis to Monashees, 10/16, WD Lot 2, Pilgrim Downs, $1,650,000.Tracee L. Metcalfe to Craig & Kelly Lowman, 10/16, WD Lot 1, Pine Ridge Townhouse, $535,000.James S. & Leslie J. Pavelich to JGN Trust, 10/16, WD Lot 25, Arrowhead at Vail Fil. 15, $2,135,500.Thomas & Lisa Ludwig to David & Susan L. Faling Living Trust, 10/16, WD Lot 2, Columbine North, $600,000.Ana & Manuel Orvananos to James E. & Mary A. Buncher Family Trust, 10/16, WD Lot 76, Vail Golfcourse Townhomes, $2,875,000.Bernico Partners to Dantas Builders, 10/16, WD Lot 17, Cordillera Valley Club Fil. 1, $725,000.Jeffrey A. Tench & Heather J. Novickis to Racquet Club Owners Assoc., 10/16, WD Lot 15, Vail Racquet Club Condo., $599,000.Ann W. Brookshire to Robert M. & Mary Dance, Allana Turknett, 10/16, WD Lot 37, Arrowhead at Vail Fil. 20, $3,900,000.Lachlan B. & Courtney M. Thomas Rev. Living Trust to Aidan’s Ranch Dev. Co. LLC, 10/16, WD Lot 41, Eagle Ranch Fil. 23, $666,400.Suzanne M. Morgan & Ryan T. Harren to Thomas G. Harren & Roylynn A. Harren Rev. Trust, 10/16, WD Lot 24E, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 2, $735,000.Barry & Donna Parker to Almira Dev., 10/16, WD Lot 5, Beaver Creek Sub. Fil. 4, $3,331,600.Geoffrey B. Gunshor, Scott A. Halpern & Robert Altman to Carla Ostberg, 10/16, WD Lot A-4, Oak Grove Townhouses, $450,000.Karl H. & Henrietta R. Oliver to Nick Labarbera, 10/17, WD Lot 39, Aspen Mesa Estates 1st Fil., $689,000.Scott Tesoro & Sara L. Holstein to Willits Enterprises, 10/17, WD Lot 202-A, Alpine Bank Bldg. Condo., $638,000.Cherie L. Pilkington to Shawn A. Hogan, 10/18, D Lot 119, Miller Ranch Mill Lofts, $167,600.David B. LaGrange to Joan Bratz & John Thompson, 10/18, WD Lot 214, Miller Ranch Mill Lofts, $202,200.Erik B. & Deborah B. Carlson to Faye J. Kaufman & Mark E. Kubena, 10/19, WD Lot 3, Vail Racquet Club Condo., $580,000.John E. & Carol S. Ward to Caddis Fly Partners, 10/19, WD Lot 105, Riverwalk at the Frying Pan, $350,000.John D. Ellis & Francine V. Gutierrez to Carl A. & Sharon L. Liljenstolpe, 10/19, WD Lot 108, Buckhorn Valley, $145,500.Kirsten E. & Heidi Grossman to Catherine V. Bentley, 10/19, WD Lot 8-W, Eaglebend, $1,600,000.Gary Gilman & Julie Stoxen to Walton Realty, 10/19, WD Lot C-33, Eagle Valley Comm. Park Fil. 2, $725,000.Retreat Developers to Clearwater Dev., 10/19, SWD Lot 13, Brightwater Club Fil. 3, $233,800.David Garton Jr. to Simona Beltran, 10/19, WD Lot 88, Cotton Ranch PUD Fil. 3, $211,500.W. Davis Smith to Orval A. & Dorthy J. Paul Family Trust, 10/19, SWD Lot 53, Brightwater Club Fil. 2, $510,000.Catherine V. Lyons to 511 Settler’s Loop, 10/19, WD Lot 29, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 26, $1,819,500.Joseph J. & Jeffrey S. Sozio to Melvin S. & Marilyn Juhl, 10/19, WD Section 20, $325,000.Elisabeth Cooper to B.R. & Roxanne S. Boniface, 10/19, WD Lot 17, Vail Valley 3rd Fil., $5,500,000.Michael G. & Susan K. Kyler to Katherine Oliver & Craig Raphaelson, 10/19, WD Lot 13, Eagle Ranch Fil. 18, $642,000.South Harbor to Howard J. Jr. & Julie L. Twilley Family Trust, 10/19, WD Lot 2, Cordillera Valley Club Fil. 8, $1,997,500.Catherine A. Dower & Jonathan D. Sinclair to Melisa Rewold-Thuon & Albert J. Thuon Jr., 10/19, WD Lot 80B, Elk Run Townhomes, $520,000.Chris & Megan Wilkens to Michael A. Jr. & Kathleen Cavataio, 10/19, WD Lot A-147, Eby Creek Mesa, $679,000.Melisa M. Rewold-Thuon & Albert J. Thuon to Bert L. & Susan M. Rewold, 10/19, WD Lot 6, Wildridge Acres, $700,000.Valentina Ramos to Habitat for Humanity of Eagle and Lake Counties, 10/22, SWD Lot D, Bluffs Overlook Condo., $172,000.Shaun Weisensel & Joe Histed to Highland Rental Properties, 10/22, WD Lot 8W, Carol’s Duplex, $580,000.GME Colorado Property to South Beach Mountain Holdings, 10/22, WD Lot 32, Wilds PUD, $0.

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