Property transfers-10.3.07 |

Property transfers-10.3.07

Daily Staff ReportVail CO, Colorado

Prop. Trans. – 10-3Colleen G. London to Alice Ann Rogers, 9/20, WD Lot 402, Stone Creek Meadows, $465,000.Deena Tarleton & Noah Brooks to Peter G. Fuhr & Deeann M. Rivera, 9/20, WD Lot 4A, Grouse Glen at Vail, $615,000.Gypsum Aspen Ridge LLC to Christopher & Rebecca Hooper, 9/20, WD Lot 77, Aspen Ridge at Buckhorn Valley, $470,000.Dotsero Realty Partners LLLP to Michael H. Rysavy, 9/20, SWD Lot 21, Two Rivers Village, $286,000.Northwest Holdings LLC to Garage Dekor LLC, 9/20, WD Lot B-8, Keystone Business Park Condo., $350,000.Thomas P. Mahoney to Michael Argueso, 9/20, WD Lot 18, 19, 20, Eagle, $413,500.Gracie Finkel Freedman Trust to WDB Investments LLC, 9/21, WD Lot R-207, Riverwalk Quartz Bldg., $550,000.Tyrolean Real Estate Investments LLC to John & Marsha Messervey, 9/21, WD Lot 11, Cordillera Valley Club Fil. 9, $2,350,000.Tanacal Enterprises to Samer N. & Uzma S. Roy, 9/21, WD Lot 12B, Homestead Meadow Condo., $417,000.Charles E. III & Laura Lee Howard to J. Brandon Chalk, 9/21, WD Lot A-6, Stag’s Leap Townhomes, $555,000.Chris J. & Lisa Bystrom to Charles E. & Laura Lee Howard, 9/21, WD Lot 204, Castle Peak Condo., $480,000.Earl V. Eaton to Carl E. Eaton, 9/21, WD Lot 23, 24, Eagle, $150,000.Linda Bassin Rev. Trust to Jeffrey B. Light Rev. Trust, 9/21, WD Lot 303, 304, Montaneros Condo., $1,447,000.Eagle Ranch Live-Work to Hole in the Sky, 9/21, SWD Lot 5, Eagle Ranch Live-Work Townhomes, $594,000.Harvey B. Allon to William B. & Karen A. Tourtillott, 9/21, WD Lot 309, Pinecone Lodge, $805,000.Judith E. Johnson to CBL Interests, 9/21, WD Lot 368, Lodge Apt. Condo., $3,750,000.Erik Vienneau & Elaine Lewis to Ahtitya K. & Billy Snow, 9/21, WD Lot 4311, Avon Crossing, $403,000.John N., Nicholas J. & Elaine K. Vassos to Burns Family Investments, 9/25, WD Lot 9A, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 4, $1,725,000.Terrence III & Ann F. Welty to Eric L. Stoyle, Robert Viegelmann & Shawn A. Hogan, 9/25, WD Lot 4, Elk Meadows Townhomes, $580,000.Amanda S. Crane to Brian Schulz, 9/25, WD Lot 104, Grandview Condo., $214,200.Gyles & Karen Thornely to NA Willits, 9/25, WD Lot 38, Lakeside Townhouses at Willits Fil. 2, $640,000.Raymond K. & Heather Weems to Debra Tilton-Duvall, 9/25, WD Lot A-1, Bluffs Townhomes, $405,000.Roark Partners to Raymond K. & Heather Weems, 9/25, WD Buckhorn Valley, $575,000.Dotsero Realty Partners to Nadir Yanez, 9/25, WD Lot 27, Two Rivers Village, $280,000.Nelly Cotto-Fentress & Chad A. Fentress to Bo Funcke, 9/26, WD Lot 314, Vantage Point Condo., $1,000,000.Todd R. & Pamela S. Kalstrom to Bradley H. & Susan L. Cheedle, 9/26, WD Lot 1003, Timber Falls Condo., $550,000.John C. & Lynne S. Schleper to Philip Bennett, 9/26, WD Lot B, Johnson Duplex, $910,000.Lowell S. & Virginia Bair to Garrett Reuss & Blair Trogner, 9/26, WD Eppley’s 1st Add., $855,000.Paul R. Fasciano & Jae Gregory to Stephen & Kerry Keith, 9/26, WD Lot 1, Eagle Dakota, $899,000.Shanti, Shyam & Manisha Shrestha to Anurag Amatya, 9/27, WD Lot 6, Buck Creek Plaza, $520,000.T.J. Krest to Eric N. & Patricia M. Peterson, 9/27, WD Lot 15, Basberg Townhouses, $689,000.Carol Lou Foote & Judith James to Fredy Cabrera & Vilma J. Trejo-Sorto, 9/27, WD Lot 15, Blue Lake PUD Fil. II, $648,500.Caddis Fly Partners to Valarie Fabian, 9/27, WD Lot 17A, Riverwalk at the Frying Pan, $490,200.Summit Montagne Property to George A. & Pamela J. Pattee, 9/27, WD Lot 2, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 34, $375,000.Fundamental Partnership to Tanna Living Trust, 9/27, WD Lot 6, Borders Townhomes Condo. Assoc., $2,500,000.Village Walk LLC to Fundamental Partnership Ltd., 9/27, SWD Lot 13B, Village Walk, $4,495,000.Henry C. Jr. & Constance E. Irons to Bellevue LLC, 9/27, WD Lot 59, Bachelor Gulch Village Fil. 2, $8,875,000.Steven L. & Jeanette Francis to William C. & Lisa A. Sutila, 9/27, WD Lot 4, Ladybelle View Sub., $808,000.Eagle Ranch Live-Work to Julie Bach, 9/27, SWD Lot 4, Eagle Ranch Live-Work Townhomes, $594,000.Gerald L. Trujillo to Jeanne M. Welsch, 9/27, WD Lot 13, 14, 15, Red Cliff, $400,000.Duane E. & Kathleen Koster to Marcus & Andrea Georgopolis, 9/28, WD Lot 4B, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 3, $775,000.Goderstad to Soham Investments, 9/28, WD Lot 9B, Hanson Chalet, $1,350,000.Eagle Ranch Live-Work to 33A Gambel Street, 9/28, SWD Lot 1, Eagle Ranch Live-Work Townhomes, $599,000.Clearwater Dev. to Hans Imhof, 9/28, SWD Lot 55, Brightwater Club Fil. 5, $370,000.BCL Investors to Abigal Holdings, 9/28, WD Lot 404A, Beaver Creek Landing, $1,700,000.Village Walk to Vincent & Yvette Aquino, 9/28, SWD Lot 13A, Village Walk, $4,795,000.Victor M. & Krista Kaufman to Amy M. Lynch, 9/28, WD Lot R-205, Riverwalk Emerald Bldg. Condo., $740,000.Eagle Ranch Live-Work to A. Henry, Elisabeth E., Fred W. & Sally F. Reed, 9/28, SWD Lot 6, Eagle Ranch Live-Work Townhomes, $577,800.Douglas & Kristi Ketchum to Wray E. Paul, 9/28, WD Lot B-7, Lofts on Eagle River, $409,900.Sky Legend to Christopher J. & Lisa M. Bystrom, 9/28, WD Lot 11-T, Sky Legend at Cotton Ranch Fil. 1, $464,600.Sky Legend to Heather Coughlin & Christopher Sauro, 9/28, WD Lot 8-T, Sky Legend at Cotton Ranch Fil. 1, $537,000.Randy & Lynn Hosler to Kim Bell & Erik Williams, 9/28, WD Lot 7, Greenbrier Condo., $355,000.Arch Wright to Christopher R. Burner, 9/28, WD Lot C-105, Riverwalk Garnet Bldg., $395,000.Ronald G. & Virginia F. Askew to Cascade Residences, 9/28, WD Lot R-1, Colorado Mountain Condo., $2,000,000.Wesley J. Dorram to Eric & Carla Whirley, 10/1, WD Lot 16, Bertroch Sub. Fil. 3, $456,900.Robert W. & Cynthia T. Robinson to Michael W. & Sheryl A. Degenring, 10/1, WD Lot 39, Eagle Ranch Fil. 8, $1,175,000.Christopher A. Barbour to Gordon R. Adams, 10/1, WD Lot D-4, Oak Grove Townhouses, $445,000.Andrew C. & Anna Marie Mishmash to GST Exempt Trust, Bernice & Jeffrey Polekoff, 10/1, WD Lot 20, Summit Oak Ridge III, $1,387,500.Luann Ratzlaff-Craig to Eric S. & Amy Jo Westerman, 10/1, WD Lot 14, Sopris Village, $650,000.Taylor J. & Susan A. Ogilvie to Holly M. Stuettgen & Ryan Toy, 10/1, WD Whiting Townhouses, $375,000.Kurt & Ingrid Lucas to Taylor J. & Susan Ogilvie, 10/1, WD Lot 42, Bull Pasture, $580,000.CDS Limited to Ruben Carmona, 10/1, WD Lot 125, Bluffs at Eagle, $550,000.River Quest to Debbie S. Courtney, 10/1, WD River Quest, $1,050,000.Randy & Lynn Hosler to Kim B. & Erik Williams, 10/1, WD Lot 7A, Greenbrier Condo., $355,000.Opal G-003 to Dundee Resort Dev., 10/1, WD Lot G-003, Riverwalk Opal Bldg., $531,700.Juan Villegas to Wesley J. Dorram, 10/1, WD Lot 7, Bertroch Sub. Fil. 1, $395,000.Martin H. Finkelstein & Susan K. Frazier to Michael Aby & Nicole Linn, 10/1, WD Lot 1, Willoughby, Thomas & Phillips, $2,475,000.Matthew & Debra Monica to Kurt & Ingrid Lucas, 10/1, WD Lot 41, Bull Pasture, $583,000.

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