Property transfers-10.31.07 |

Property transfers-10.31.07

Daily Staff ReportVail CO, Colorado

Prop. Trans. – 10-31South Beach Mountain Holdings to GME Colorado Property, 10/22, WD Lot 32, Wilds PUD, $2,490,000.Bradley B. & Carey G. Helm to Terry M. Nolan & Kimberly M. Nottingham, 10/23, WD Lot 1, Helm Sub. Exemption, $1,164,000.Alison & Matthew Wadey to Clifford K. & Althea T. Callaway, 10/24, WD Lot 1, Saddleridge at Avon Condo., $506,000.Gypsum Aspen Ridge to Jay & Maria Willoughby, 10/24, WD Lot 80, Aspen Ridge at Buckhorn Valley, $460,000.Joshua B. & Danya K. Goodman to Christopher F. Chester & Melissa S. Turek, 10/24, WD Lot 1005, Villas at Brett Ranch, $420,000.William & Jean Bartlett to April Johnson, 10/24, WD Lot D-302, River Oaks Condo., $383,000.Peter M. Van De Ven & Rebecca Lin to Christopher C. & Mari Ciana, 10/24, WD Lot 104, Sunridge at Avon Condo., $320,000.Village Walk to 59 Village Walk, 10/24, SWD Lot 11B, Village Walk Sub., $4,700,000.Eagle Airport Warehouses to Elkhorn, 10/24, SWD Lot A15, Eagle Airport Warehouses, $209,500.Allen Family Trust to Philip Rykhoek, Linda & Mark Allen, 10/24, WD Lot 2, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 18, $2,675,000.Yale Court Estates to Fred H. Holz, 10/24, WD Lot 3, Hardscrabble Ranch, $325,000.Suzanne C. Gossum to Jonathan H. Eskin, 10/24, WD Lot 3, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 2, $819,000.Thomas F. & Katrina B. O’Conor to MTJ Vail, 10/24, WD Lot 3, Vail Intermountain Dev. Sub., $610,000.Judith A. DiPaolo to Maria Barry, 10/24, WD Lot 49E, Berry Creek Ranch, $639,000.Village Walk to 75 Village Walk, 10/24, SWD Lot 11A, Village Walk Sub., $5,695,000.Dotsero Realty Partners to Joshua A. Champoux & Stephanie J. Ponce, 10/24, WD Lot 32, Two Rivers Village, $277,000.Colorado La Paloma to W. Timothy Terral, 10/24, SWD Lot A, Hillside Grove, $850,000.Donald F. & Korina K. Behm to Patrick H. & Elizabeth P. Frank, 10/25, WD Lot 7, Blue Lake PUD Fil. II, $735,000.Lot 19 to William C. Elliott, 10/25, WD Lot B-6, Edwards Design & Craft Center, $222,700.Robert P. & Brenda M. Kohrmann to Gregory M. & Bethany M. VanWyk, 10/25, WD Lot 4-B, Kohrmann Sub., $87,000.Daltondemorest-Vail to Deane Carberry, 10/25, WD Lot 5, Whiskey Hill Condo., $410,000.Charles W. Jr. & Virginia C. Hurd, Chad Dehaven to Sara K. Corcoran, 10/26, WD Lot BR-308, Chapel Square Bldg., $335,000.Kevin & Carol Ann Moriarty to William A. & Marcia J. Reed Living Trust, 10/26, WD Lot 52, Eagle-Vail Fil. 2, $750,000.Robert E. & Linda J. Grant to John T. Culp, 10/26, WD Lot 18, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 24, $3,600,000.John W. & Michael T. Irwin to Kevin Clair & Matt Morgan, 10/26, WD Lot 6, Vail East Townhomes, $625,000.West Eagle Ranch to J.C. Godwin, 10/26, WD Lot 10, 31, 39, 43 & 44, Eagle Ranch Fil. 24, $1,381,100.Peak Four Acquisition to Diane C. & Paul S. Olson, 10/26, WD Lot 670, Mountain Haus Condo., $1,411,100.Jennifer L. & Sean M. Byrnes to Lisa M. Hanlon & Lori A. Valiant, 10/26, WD Lot 10, Eagle Ranch Fil. 17, $811,000.Dana M. Sakalas Rev. Trust to Stacey L. & Philip R. Penningroth, 10/26, WD Lot 20, Courtside Townhomes, $920,000.George S. Chalberg & Audrey McNeely to Nicholas J. Seglie & Thomas E. Burney, 10/26, WD Lot B-402, River Oaks Condo., $450,000.Titanic Investment Ltd. to Anjou Corp. NV, 10/26, WD Lot 12, Beaver Creek Sub. Fil. 2, $4,700,000.Sandra E. Shoultz to Leslie S. Romolino, 10/26, WD Lot 217, Miller Ranch Mill Lofts, $210,100.Andrei & Irina Litviakou to Janine R. & William Fackler, 10/26, WD Lot 207, Dakota Square Condo., $263,000.Kenneth & Pearl Raisanen to Judith E. Horwich, 10/29, WD Lot 1, Blue Lake PUD Fil. V, $765,000.Lyda Hunt-Herbert Trust to Scott-Bilt Dev., 10/29, WD Lot 6, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 17, $307,000.John R. Funke Jr. to Pat D. & Teresa P. Ganje, 10/29, Wd Lot 19, Homestead Fil. 1, $550,000.

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