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Property Transfers

Daily Staff ReportVail CO, Colorado

Prop. Trans. – 9-26Jeanne Shuldener to Thomas K. & Wendy Sue White, 9/13, WD Lot 23-A, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 2, $712,000.Lawrence N. & Pamela S. Lavine to Slopeside 204, 9/13, SWD Lot 204, Highlands Slopeside Condo., $1,287,500.Howard K. Davis to Giuseppe Bosco & Alisha R. Quinn, 9/14, WD Lot 4, Sunlight North, $585,000.Donald M. Stewart Trust to William J. & Deborah R. Brady, 9/14, WD Lot 53, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 3, $1,800,000.Rosemary A. Smith to Christopher J. & Lisa G. Reeder, 9/14, WD Lot 20A, Albert Duplex, $282,500.Michael A. & Eileen M. Williamson to Christopher J. & Lisa G. Reeder, 9/14, Wd Lot 20A, Abert Duplex, $282,500.Donald J. & Ann G. Stern to New Spring Hill Lane LLC, 9/14, WD Lot 13, Vail Valley, $2,495,000.Ronald A. & Nancy J. Harrison to Pam Gouger, 9/14, WD Lot 218D, Brooktree Townhouses, $465,000.Nicholas D. & Rebecca Kirk to Troy H. Goldberg & Katherine L. Bugby, 9/14, WD Lot 19-E, Eagle-Vail Fil. 1, $670,000.Antonio R. Ferre to Michael Brumbaugh, 9/14, WD Lot 103, Metcalf Commercial Park, $252,500.Eric Monson & Richard S. Marks to David K. & Laura A. Nestor, 9/14, WD Lot 3, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 36, $430,000.Arzanna L. Hanna to Heather Marner, 9/14, WD Lot H, Brush Creek Bends, $371,500.David M. & Laurie M. O’Connell to Scott C. Bucy & Danita Englund, 9/14, WD Lot 40, Eagle Ranch Fil. 7, $507,000.Jim V. Morgan to Charles T. & Diane Caldwell, 9/14, WD Lot 205, Stone Creek Condo., $545,000.Frances R. Quintana Dec. of Trust to Thomas S. Sullivan, 9/14, WD Lot 42, South Minturn Add., $500,000.Aidans Ranch Dev. Co. to David M. Dempsey & Hollis A. Haselhorst, 9/14, WD Lot 2, Eagle Ranch Fil. 23, $734,900.Nancy Hassett to Linda H. Cain, 9/14, WD Lot 26, Vail Village West Fil. 2, $850,000.Ronald K. Vernon to Bruce D. & Kimberly O. Peterson, 9/14, WD Lot 10, Vail Racquet Club Condo., $575,000.Clive R. Reeman & Louise E. Randall to Matthew V. Lipovsky & John Kugler, 9/14, WD Lot 9, Eagle Ranch Fil. 8, $200,000.Pamela Perea to Monica J. & Darrell W. Jacox, 9/14, WD Lot 60, Eagle River Estates, $340,000.Lis L. Coors to JS Meadows, 9/14, WD Lot L-3, Beaver Creek Meadows, $1,850,000.James P. & Chris Thompson to Red Leaf Investments, 9/14, SWD Lot 88, Red Sky Ranch, $850,000.ACCML Eagle to Tonjay LLC, 9/14, WD Lot G, Eagle Crossing Shopping Center, $209,200.Kurt E. Feiler Trust to Fritz Schmidt, 9/14, WD Lot 64, Bellyache Ridge Fil. 2, $600,000.James E. & Martha M. Troughton to Carlton K. & Ann McQueen, 9/17, WD Lot 15, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 3, $1,235,000.Sharon Smith to Lisa, Susan & Mark Walter, 9/17, WD Lot 11, Vail East Townhomes, $595,000.Wade E. Newsom & Sharon L. Johnson to Lawrence P. Lahay, 9/17, WD Lot I-3, Oak Grove Townhouses, $450,000.Robert L. Puckett & Sallie B. Clark to Todd, Stephanie & Scott Kingdom, 9/17, WD Lot 16, Courtside Townhomes, $925,000.Sylvain & Carla Cote to Robert L. Puckett & Sallie B. Clark, 9/17, WD Lot 22, Hardscrabble Creek Sub., $1,000,000.Yvonne M. Nieves to Reyes & Rebecca Pitman, 9/17, WD Lot B-2, Bluffs Townhomes, $390,000.Novastar Mortgage to Kenneth R. & Josephine M. Harrison, 9/17, WD Lot 11, Two Rivers Village, $260,000.Christopher D. & Betsi L. Lubbers to Robert Jon Hoover, 9/17, Wd Lot 16B, Bertroch Sub. Fil. 1, $390,000.Richard & Lavina Beveridge to Blazing Saddles, 9/17, WD Lot 20, Skiffs’ Addition to Gypsum, $525,000.Michael Johnson to Patrick & Lucila Tvarkunas, 9/18, WD Juniper Hill Townhouses, $375,000.Robyn & Craig Rapihana to Brian J. & Julia Salerno, 9/18, WD Lot 2A, Arlington Place Condo., $575,000.4Worth to Roger & Betty O’Steen, 9/18, WD Lot 14, Cordillera Valley Club Fil. 2, $750,000.Edward P. & Victoria L. Monge to Jason A. LaPointe & Wendy J. Bertolet, 9/18, WD Lot 14, Sopris Village, $625,000.Helen V. & Joseph J. Hayes to David F. Knapp, 9/18, WD Lot 6C, Terrace Ridge at the Homestead, $595,000.Kevin McAllister to Gary M. & Darlene A. Johnson, 9/19, WD Lot 4, Laura J. Estates, $350,000.Basecamp Dev. LLC to Thomas A. Bowler, 9/19, WD Lot 71, Buckhorn Valley, $529,000.Richard A. Patriacca to Julie K. & Steven B. Smith, 9/19, WD Lot 4, Cordillera Valley Club Fil. 1, $3,700,000.Patrick M. & Kimberly A. Fowler to Mark A. & Kristine A. Riley, 9/19, WD Lot A-3, Cornerstone Condo., $18,000.Paul F. & Elisa M. Musson to Helmut Reiss Trust, 9/19, WD Lot 3, Vail Village West Fil. 2, $1,200,000.Aidan’s Ranch Dev. to Gregory Peterson, 9/19, WD Lot 39, Eagle Ranch Fil. 23, $759,800.Thomas Cullin to Esmeralda Palma, 9/19, WD Lot A-103, Mountain Glen Condo., $305,000.Lloyd N. & Alexis N. Crumb to Robin R. & Daniel L. Manzanares, 9/19, WD Lot 54, Eagle Ranch Fil. 18, $618,000.Sky Legend to Kenneth W. Holm, 9/19, WD Lot 57-S, Sky Legend at Cotton Ranch, $456,900.Kaylene & Miller Henry to Steven M. & Courtney Bartel, 9/19, WD Lot 30, 29, Gypsum, $369,500.Sky Legend to Michael T. & Brook A. Richards, 9/19, WD Lot 34-T, Sky Legend at Cotton Ranch, $644,800.John T. Batts Lifetime Trust to Ralph E. & Melissa D. Branscomb, 9/19, WD Lot 12, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 4, $2,575,000.Randy & Mardi Curran to Frederick C. & Nancy R. Boyd, 9/19, Wd Lot 32, Bentgrass at Cordillera, $1,525,000.Frederick C. & Nancy R. Boyd to Randy & Mardi Curran, 9/19, Wd Lot 3, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 35, $3,475,000.David F. Knapp to Sarah E. Burnett, 9/20, WD Lot H24, Barrancas-2, $345,000.ELG Properties to Boyne, 9/20, WD Lot B201, B202, Edwards Village II, $1,463,500.Peter G. & Maria Schick to Tej Bearden, 9/20, WD Lot 37, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 24, $3,150,000.Lot 36 Bearden to Henry D. & Gretchen H. Manley, 9/20, WD Lot 36, Cordillera Sub. Fil. 24, $395,000.Ronnie L. Rooker to Brian D. Topping, 9/20, WD Lot 101L, Reserve on the Eagle River, $381,000.Monica M. & Harry M. Siegfried to Suzanne K. Sloan, 9/20, WD Lot 10, Redstone Townhomes, $550,000.William E. & Connie J. Smith to Chris Striebich & Tanya Argo, 9/20, Wd Lot 7-A, Eaglebend, $1,300,000.Heather C. Beckett to William E. & Connie J. Smith, 9/20, WD Lot 6, Eagle Ranch Fil. 3, $930,000.Mary Ann Kline to JDK Exchange, 9/20, WD Lot 205, Settler’s Lodge Condo., $1,270,000.Lincoln Trust, Frederick L. Carrington to Karl C. James & Sam J. Mainord, 9/20, WD Lot 76, Eagle-Vail Fil. 2, $460,000.Stanton O. & Tammy L. Humphries to Karin F. O’Quinn, 9/20, WD Lot 59, Eagle-Vail Fil. 2, $600,000.Stanley & Marita Clifford to Arrowhead Mgt. Trust, 9/20, WD Lot 11, Arrowhead at Vail Fil. 27, $9,650,000.Interface Arrowhead to Stanley A. & Marcia S. Lybarger, 9/20, WD Lot 34, Arrowhead at Vail Fil. 20, $5,500,000.Bobba Ice Paul to Stanley & Marita Clifford, 9/20, WD Lot 6, Arrowhead at Vail Fil. 11, $2,800,000.Jeffery & Heather Mathews to Michael D. & Christine W. Ryan, 9/20, WD Section 19, Township 5, $1,074,000.Samuel M. & Marian C. Andelman to Douglas W. & Anne L. McNeill, 9/20, WD Lot 57, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 4, $2,175,000.Joseph F. & Mary L. Dunigan to Jeanne Shuldener & Robert Sim, 9/20, WD Lot 45, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 4, $1,199,000.Lance & Carol M. Wellbaum to Keith T., June T. & Donald H. Misner, 9/20, WD Lot 203N, Reserve on the Eagle River, $410,000.Douglas W. & Anne L. McNeill to Maryann McCarter, 9/20, WD Lot 42E, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 4, $900,000.John P. & Lanelle R. Townley Rev. Trust to Jarna Webster & Phil Clough, 9/20, WD Lot A108, River Piens Condo., $410,000.Brian J. & Julia Salerno to W. Marvin & Laura D. Clary, 9/20, WD Lot 3, Rush Condo., $422,000.Timothy J. & Melinda K. Carlson to Cassandra L. Perlmutter & Richard J. Polster, 9/20, Wd Lot B-9, Vail Commons Condo., $210,600.

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