Property transfers in Eagle County, Colorado |

Property transfers in Eagle County, Colorado

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EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado Here is a list of property transfers for the Vail Valley community. Christopher Noel Moffroid to Brian G. Pollack, 6/26, WD Lot G-14, Valley Pines Sub., $30,000.Richard F. & Jennifer T. Hefferan to Sarah B. & Mike H. Miller, 6/26, WD Lot 40, Gypsum Estates Sub. Fil. 2, $322,500.Angie R. Primmer to Marina Mays, 6/26, WD Lot 115, Miller Ranch Fil. 2, $280,000.Brenda & Arnold J. Story to Southerlan Rev. Living Trust, 6/26, WD Lot 178, Terrace Fil. VI, $525,000.Karen J. Spaid to Pamela J. Jackson, 6/26, WD Lot 64A, Miller Ranch, $274,000.Chaparral Land Co. to David L. Prater, 6/26, WD Lot 7, Chaparral Ranch, $215,100.James T. & Joanne Dee to Bruce & Janice Norring, 6/26, WD Lot F-102, West Village Condo., $305,000.Terrence Lee & Dawn M. Rhodes to Kelly & Janice Miller, 6/27, WD Lot 18A, Chatfield Corners, $458,500.Willits Town Center Partners LLC to Gaines B. Norton, 6/27, SWD Lot 310, Market Street Lofts Sub., $484,000.Willits Town Center Partners LLC to Lisa J. Pingatore, 6/27, SWD Lot 302, Market Street Lofts Sub., $628,900.Steven J. Hribernik to Sandra K. Hribernik, 6/27, WD Lot 102, Valley Pines Sub., $0.Steven J. & Sandra K. Hribernik to Sandra K. Hribernik, 6/27, WD Lot 107, Valley Pines Sub., $0.Steven J. & Sandra K. Hribernik to Sandra K. Hribernik, 6/27, WD Lot 4, Castle View, $0.Brian P. Gira to Kenneth B. & Mary I. Hawkins, 6/27, WD Lot C-20, Vail Commons Condo., $149,300.Willits Town Center Partners LLC to Andrew Lizotte, 6/27, SWD Lot 318, Market Street Lofts Sub., $659,100.Dotsero Realty Partners to Andrew C. & Jackie E. Tucker, 6/30, SWD Lot 4, Two Rivers Village, $294,500.Archdiocese of Denver to Joshua & Vanesa Doty, 6/30, SWD Lot E, Red Draw Deed Restricted Condo., $268,900.Deutsche Bank National Trust to Ernesto Arrieta & Jeanette K. Calona, 6/30, SWD Lot 45, Buckhorn Valley Sub., $360,000.James T. Allilson to Barnes Coy Architects, 6/30, WD Lot D-202, Edwards Comm. Park, $220,000.Aidan’s Ranch Dev. Co. to Michael & Meaghan S. Stepanek, 6/30, WD Lot 9, Eagle Ranch Fil. 23, $815,900.Arrabelle at Vail Square to Bruce & Donna Genderson, 6/30, SWD Lot 468, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $1,995,000.Bruce & Donna Genderson to Mark E. & Melinda G. Field, 6/30, SWD Lot 468, Arrabelle at Vail Square Res. Condo., $1,995,000.CNL APF Partners to Trinity Sunroad LLC, 6/30, SWD Lot 2, Sunroad Sub., $2,125,000.Willits Town Center Partners LLC to Chester & Robert J. Feldman, 6/30, SWD Lot 308, Market Street Lofts Sub., $715,500.Muirfield Way Retreat to John P. & Maureen T. Fitzgerald, 6/30, SWD Lot 31B, Arrowhead at Vail Fil. 15, $3,875,000.Elizabeth R. Propp to Rose S. Corenman, 6/30, WD Lot 24, Heritage Park Sub., $1,392,000.Scott Sax to Mari Salmi & Mark Mobley, 6/30, WD Lot 18W, Eagle-Vail Fil. 2, $730,000.Vail Christian Schools to Gracious Savior Lutheran Church, 6/30, SWD Lot 2, Vail Christian H.S. PUD, $1,000,000.Rika Moore Investments to ATS Joint Venture, 6/30, WD Lot G-5, Avon Town Square Com. Condo., $275,000.Brandon J. & Heidi J. Eskelson to Randy D. & Sandra K. Lowe, 7/1, WD Lot 5-A, Tenderfoot Sub., $389,000.Michael & Meaghan S. Stepanek to Michael A. Roe, 7/1, WD Lot 103, Terrace Fil. V, $530,000.Pelican Properties LLC to Thomas F. Corrigan, 7/1, WD Lot 37, Buffer Creek Resub., $1,000,000.Christina D. Pearson to Erica S. & Samuel D. Kincaid, 7/1, WD Lot 2, Blue Lake PUD Fil. 2, $475,000.Edna P. Crumbley to Patricia C. Warfel, 7/1, WD Lot 1-7, Vail Racquet Club Condo., $0.1536 Deer Blvd. LLC to Hoy Rev. Trust, 7/1, WD Latool Duplex Sub., $525,000.Terry M. Nolan & Kimberly M. Nottingham to John R. & Kyla Marsh, 7/1, WD Lot 64, Wildridge Sub., $865,000.Blue Ridge Investments to Paul & Sheila Wurzer, 7/1, WD Lot 141, Shadow Rock Townhome Sub., $1,039,700.Beaver Creek Lodge to NTC & Co. LLC, 7/2, SWD Lot 112, Beaver Creek Lodge Condo., $452,500.Willits Town Center Partners LLC to Blair D. McMillin, 7/2, SWD Lot 206, Market Street Lofts, $507,100.Dosia M. Laeyendecker to Dosia M. Laeyendecker & J.J. Hyko, 7/2, WD Salt Springs Sub., $0.Nagib & Imtinan Kikhia to Robert Unterman, 7/3, WD Lot 334, Christie Lodge at Avon/ITV, $0.Christine A. Deslauriers to Ronald M. & Mary Jo Rose, 7/3, WD Lot 369-4, Christie Lodge at Avon/ITV, $0.VI Network Inc. to Jeffrey D. Washville, 7/3, WD Lot 414, Vail Run Resort Community, $600.Charles R. & Roberta A. Zelinski to Vernon M. Holt, 7/3, WD Lot 410-8, Christie Lodge at Avon/ITV, $1,600.Jerry J. & Jean A. Kropf to William Fiege, 7/3, WD Lot 311-32, Eagle Pointe Condo/ITV, $0.Andrea C. Dunlap to Sarah B. Lovendal, 7/3, WD Lot H-201, West Village Condo., $211,000.Lot 19 Inc. to EDCCD-1 LLC, 7/3, WD Lot D-1, Edwards Design and Craft Center PUD Condo., $419,600.

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