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Property transfers

Abbetts Addn Sub, Lot 15-16, Blk 4, John D Stevens, $799,000, 5/2/2007, Mackown, David

Antlers Gulch Twnh Condos, Bldg 2, Unit, David and Lindsey H Grossman, $375,000, 5/1/2007, Combine, Renee and Jeffrey

Avalanche Condos, Bldg A, Unit E, Daniel J Lipsher, $305,000, 5/1/2007, Alicia Vorba and Travis Beck

Baldy Ridge Estates Sub, Lot 6, Ethan and Suzanne A Guerra, $440,000, 5/2/2007, Marshall Upjohn Jr and Marguerite Do

Beaver Run Condo, Bldg 3, Unit 238, William R and Christine L Dempsey, $405,000, 5/2/2007, Joslin, Charles and Kathleen

Beaver Run Condo, Bldg 4, Unit 4415, John C and Diane N Borthwick, $310,000, 5/1/2007, Franks, Gordon and Sheila

Beaver Run Sub, Lot 4330, Blk 4, Bobby G and Regina F Solomon, $1,070,000, 5/1/2007, Bornstein, Michael

Bekkedal Sub, Lot 12, Blk 6, Peter O Macey, $510,000, 5/4/2007, Hayes, Mason and Elizabeth

Blue River Mesa, Lot 57, Stephen J and Viktoria Oppito, $525,000, 5/1/2007, Shy, Mark

Blue Rock Springs Sub, Lot 15, Kristofer B Carlsted, $475,000, 5/1/2007, Olson, Robert and Sue

Breckenridge Town Square, Unit 104, Bergland Properties LLC, $359,900, 5/2/2007, PK 9 Inc

Bridge End Condo, Unit 101, Frank A and Linda S Inserra, $147,000, 5/2/2007, Kuslieka, Thomas

Cinnamon Ridge Condos, Unit W-8, Russell Frahmann, $470,000, 5/4/2007, Slentz, Kelley and Marcia

Copper Springs Lodge, Unit 121, James B Hasselberg, $230,000, 5/2/2007, Brown, Joseph

Cove Condo, Unit 3, Kyle A Hendricks, $210,000, 5/3/2007, Peek, Michael

Creekside Estates, Lot 6, Ira and Teresa Tane, $652,500, 5/4/2007, Austin, Dawn

Cross Creek Condo, Unit 723-B, Jason L Berman, $488,000, 5/4/2007, Johnson, Michael and Ellyn

Dillon Valley West Condo, Bldg I, Unit, Edward P Meisburger IV, $110,000, 5/3/2007, Dwyer, Dennis

Dot Condo, Bldg 2, Unit 204, Dorothy Kern, $255,000, 5/3/2007, Levinger, Brandon

Eagles Nest Golf Course Sub, #6, Lot 3, Midwest Mountain Bldrs Inc, $265,000, 5/1/2007, Lucky Placer Land Co LLC

Eagles Nest Golf Course Sub, Lot 28, Keystone Property Development, $283,500, 5/1/2007, Weisbender, Russell

Eagles Nest Golf Course Sub, Lot 78, Kevin and Sharon Berglund, $265,000, 5/4/2007, Formby Inc

Estate at Wildernest Sub, #2, Lot B, Mark L and Karissa T Kovner, $1,115,000, 5/3/2007, Wormington, Stephen and Geral

Gold Camp Condo, Bldg E, Unit 36, Christopher P and Jennifer J Friedman, $386,000, 5/1/2007, Aguilera, Francisco E

Gold Flake Sub, #3, Lot 4, Anthony and Amanda Perks, $740,000, 5/1/2007, Michele and Jason Hart Trusts

Hamilton Creek Sub, #2, Lot 4, Blk 4, George W and Mary D Ford, $968,000, 5/1/2007, Wallner, Stephen and Pam

Hidden River Lodge Condos, Unit 5967, Hamid and Shannon M Taha, $475,000, 5/1/2007, Floyd Oliver Trust and Katherine Oli

Highland Greens Lodge, Unit 35-B, Halle Hans-Siegel Christopher O Belby, $499,900, 5/1/2007, Highland Greens LLC

Highland Greens Sub, Lot 15-C, T and S Hartley, Ann Hemelt, $720,000, 5/2/2007, Hartley, Thomas and Martha

Highlander Twnhms, Unit 1, Roseburn Pty Ltd, $880,000, 5/3/2007, Clark Family Trust, M D and D E Clar

Highlands at Breck Highlands Park, Lot 4, RE 1 Inc, $435,000, 5/2/2007, Baird, Cynthia

Highlands at Breck Sub, #8, Lot 239, Joseph N Jaggers, $1,300,000, 5/1/2007, Eble, Thomas

Keystone Gulch Condo, Unit 1299, Laurence R and Claire J Bruns, $62,500, 5/4/2007, Dangelo, James

Keystone Ranch Sub, Lot 17, Tract D, Renee Marshall Theodore Polonus, $1,500,000, 5/4/2007, Elliott, Lynn and Marilyn

La Riva Del Lago Condos, , Unit 215, Terry and My Kyong-Son Kim, $372,400, 5/2/2007, D C Roberts LLC

La Riva Del Lago Condos, , Unit 216, Ann Marie Richard Hughes, $419,900, 5/2/2007, D C Roberts LLC

La Riva Del Lago Condos, , Unit 218, Frank J Farrell, $369,900, 5/1/2007, D C Roberts LLC

La Riva Del Lago Condos, , Unit 220, Maura C and Laura E Lyddy, $369,900, 5/1/2007, D C Roberts LLC

La Riva Del Lago Condos, , Unit 221, John R and Cathy L Barna Jr, $359,300, 5/1/2007, D C Roberts LLC

La Riva Del Lago Condos, , Unit 225, Davoud Khorzad, $359,300, 5/1/2007, D C Roberts LLC

Frying Pan River HUI to Jay A. Levitt and Garrett Reuss, 4/23, WD Parcel 2, South Taylor Creek Sub., $1,385,000.

Steve A. and Susan Kaloz to Trestle Dev. Group, 4/23, WD Lot 25, Wildridge Sub., $780,000.

Trestle Dev. Group to George W. Plavec III, 4/23, WD Lot 25, Wildridge Sub., $885,000.

Gretchen A. and Zakary Stone to Sally H. Foster, 4/23, WD Lot 28, Elk Meadows Townhomes, $589,000.

Jane B. Woodward to Mary B. and Rodgers A. Dockstader, 4/23, WD Lot 2A-1, Airpark Bus. Center, $238,600.

West Eagle Ranch to Jonathan and Nicole Greener, 4/23, WD Lot 6, Eagle Ranch Fil. 24, $198,000.

Custom Concepts LLC to Mark Godfrey, 4/23, SWD Lot 18, Brightwater Club Fil. 3, $1,398,500.

Sky Legend LLC to Anne H. Garberg, 4/23, WD Lot 58-S, Sky Legend at Cotton Ranch, $554,900.

Jean P. and Robert F. Burnop Jr. to NJF Dev., 4/23, WD Lot 30, Eagle Ranch Fil. 8, $239,000.

Angela Gould to Ian N. Casey and Amy R. Lee, 4/23, WD Lot 2B, Vail Heights Condo., $218,000.

Michael Scrivens to Lynn D. Janklow, 4/23, SWD Lot 89, Brightwater Club Fil. 2, $550,000.

Red Table LLC to Bengt Kuller Dec. of Trust, 4/23, SWD Red Table Comm. Center, $15,000.

Claudia Gallegos and Francisco Rascon to Esgar and Karla Acosta, 4/23, SWD Lot 2, Two Rivers Village, $282,000.

Milena J. Nilolova and Christopher M. Perrine to Christopher M. and Milena J. Perrine, 4/23, WD Lot 55, Homestead Meadow Condo., $0.

Eagle Ranch Housing Corp. to Jason A. Douglas and Keri Lee Lawrence-Douglas, 4/24, WD Lot 32, Eagle Ranch Fil. 7, $355,600.

Marla M. and Michael S. Haley to Felix Istomin, 4/24, WD Lot 3, Buffer Creek West, $349,000.

Dillon B. Demore to Matt Bribach, 4/24, SWD Lot 21, Eagle Ranch Fil. 18, $510,000.

Joan K. Hoza to Robert G. Zeeb, 4/24, WD Lot 67, Eagle River Estates, $399,900.

West Eagle Ranch to Cathy H. and John S. Nichols, 4/24, WD Lot 12, Eagle Ranch Fil. 24, $229,200.

West Eagle Ranch to Thomas Scrivens, 4/24, WD Lot 9, 55, Eagle Ranch Fil. 24, $528,000.

Spring Creek South to Land Designs Real Estate, 4/24, WD Lot 6, Spring Creek Industrial, $735,000.

Duncan R. Calam to Jeff Friday and Susan J. Hassol, 4/24, WD $392,500.

Maxwell Realty to Gale E. and John D. Watson 2005 Rev. Trust, 4/24, WD Lot 4, Vail/Potato Patch, $1,225,000.

Eagle Co. Airport Garages to Patrick Burke, 4/24, SWD Lot 34, Eagle County Airport Garages, $49,900.

Gale E. and John D. Watson 2005 Rev. Trust to Cathleen D. and Richard J. Fox, 4/24, WD Lot 11, Coldstream Condo., $1,085,000.

Gerd E. and William P. Crandall to Jill M. and Robert M. Rulon, 4/24, WD Lot 4, Miller’s Creek, $1,050,000.

Jane and Michael Wind to Bibb Distributing Co., 4/24, WD Lot 5240, Charter at B.C., $875,000.

Helga K. Adasz and Michael Moher to Sergio A. Calderon, 4/24, WD Lot 68-C, Sky Legend at Cotton Ranch Fil. 1, $175,500.

Highline Partners to Marcella B. and Robert F. Barry, 4/24, WD Lot 13, Red Sky Ranch, $680,000.

Ari Arrowhead to Riggio Alpha, 4/24, WD Lot 15, Arrowhead at Vail Fil. 27, $2,691,800.

Christopher Laden to Bibb Distributing Co., 4/24, WD Lot 5260, Charter at Beaver Creek, $881,000.

EJK 5960 Cornerstone to Jeanne C. and Peter D. Kinnear, 4/24, WD Lot C-2, Village Townhomes at Arrowhead, $1,400,000.

Village Walk to Beth and Dean Volkes, 4/24, SWD Lot 6A, Village Walk, $4,550,500.

Karen K. and Duncan B. Wallace Family Trust to One Arrowhead Place B-100, 4/24, WD Lot B-100, One Arrowhead Place, $1,600,000.

US Bancorp to Betty L. and Jay Mandelstam, 4/24, SWD Lot 207, Townsend Place Condo. Assoc., $700,000.

Judith and William H. Simpson to T. Matthew Simpson, Erin S. Vega, 4/24, WD Lot 19, Benchmark at Beaver Creek, $0.

David Rich to Pardiel International Ltd., 4/24, WD Lot 225, Mountain Haus Condo., $2,030,000.

Jennifer M. Colton and David G. Francis-Lau to David G. and Jennifer M. Francis-Lau, 4/24, SWD Lot 95A, Marcal Wildridge Duplex, $0.

Robert L. Galantucci to Galantucci Family, 4/24, WD Lot B-150, Creekside Condo., $0.

Triangle Park Lofts to Craig and Lee Williams Family Partnership Ltd., 4/24, WD Lot R-324, Triangle Park Lofts, $797,500.

Betsy P. Black, Holly D. Goldstein and Stefanie A. Luciano to Margaret M. Naumer, Willits Blue Sky LLC, 4/24, WD Lot R-308, Triangle Park Lofts, $567,500.

Gene R. and Roberta J. Hagerman to Jeffrey P. and Kathryn I. Maddox, 4/25, WD Lot 53, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. 4, $921,500.

Wintergreen Homes-Brett II LLC to Laurie L. and Matthew J. Iverson, 4/25, SWD Lot 16, Southfork Meadows, $1,034,000.

RG Shaw LLC to JMCG Colorado, 4/25, WD Lot 2, Timber Springs, $1,450,000.

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