Prosecutors: Home ‘Disneyland’ lured boys |

Prosecutors: Home ‘Disneyland’ lured boys

DENVER ” A former foster parent and Episcopalian priest kept drawers full of candy, had computer games, a pool table, and a hot tub in his home that he converted into a “Disneyland” to lure boys there so he could molest them, prosecutors said Monday.

Donald Shissler, 74, is accused of sexually assaulting three young boys.

“This Disneyland he created came at a high price. The cost of admission was their innocence and a sense of shame that would last a lifetime,” prosecutor Kerri Lombardi said. “They were mostly young Hispanic boys who were just on the cusp of their sexuality.”

Once inside the home, Shissler would parade around nude or in thong underwear and would instruct the boys to take off their clothes. He engaged in sexual acts with some of the boys.

“It’s natural. It’s not a sin,” Lombardi said Shissler told the boys. He said that despite telling the boys that what went on in his house was normal, he also told the boys to keep it a secret.

Scott Reisch, Shissler’s defense attorney, said the boys initially denied any improper conduct with Shissler but changed their stories under pressure from investigators.

Reisch also said that none of the accusers were foster children under Shisslers care.

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