Prosperous Mango’s may expand from Red Cliff |

Prosperous Mango’s may expand from Red Cliff

Dustin Racioppi
Red Cliff, CO Colorado
Daily file photoMango's Mountain Grill, a institution in Red Cliff, Colorado, may open another grill in Breckenridge

RED CLIFF, Colorado “-As one hole in the Board of Trustees in Red Cliff, Colorado was filled, another one opened.

Trustee Eric Cregon submitted his resignation to the board two meetings ago, said Mayor Ramon Montoya, just as new trustee Dan Wallace stepped in to fill a vacancy left by Scott Burgess, who resigned in January.

Cregon, owner of Mango’s Mountain Grill and the Green Bridge Inn, is looking to open another Mango’s restaurant in Breckenridge. With two possible annexations in Red Cliff, along with running his businesses and raising his children, Cregon said he couldn’t dedicate the time needed to the board.

“I felt like the Board of Trustees needed more of somebody else’s time. Right now, I’m spread so thin,” Cregon said. “I’m tending to be away a lot more.”

Cregon is still negotiating the real estate end of the new Mango’s plan, which he said aimed at South Main Street, where The Prospector restaurant was. He will know more details, and whether his plans will move forward, in the coming weeks. But right now, he’s feeling pretty confident the award-winning Mango’s will open shop in Breckenridge.

“We’re trying to figure out how we’re going to make it work, but it’s looking good,” Cregon said. “I’m pretty excited to move forward with this.”

Cregon is also sure that if and when he opens up the new restaurant, he’ll have little trouble bringing customers in.

“I feel like our clientele isn’t necessarily based on people flying into the area as people who come in from Denver or Breckenridge who snowmobile in ” in the winter at least,” he said.

Plus, business at Mango’s has been on the upswing, Cregon said. He thinks his affordable prices and varied menu have led to the restaurant’s recent success and that will translate at another popular ski resort area.

“We’re headed in the right direction. For us to move to another ski area wouldn’t be a bad move,” Cregon said. “A lot of our customers do come from that area.”

While Cregon is moving onto bigger prospects, it leaves the Red Cliff Board of Trustees again in search of a replacement. Montoya said Cregon’s replacement will have big shoes to fill.

“He leaves a huge hole, not only for the board but for the town,” Montoya said.

Cregon has been attending board meetings ritually for the last four to five years, he said, but vows to stay involved in town politics even though he’s no longer a member of the local government.

“I’ve been to all the meetings for so long, it’s like a little Monday night family you have,” Cregon said. “I’m still going to be around and I’m still going to have a part.”

Montoya said newcomer Wallace is a good fit as a trustee.

“He really wants to get the town Web site up and going. He’s full of energy, lots of ideas,” Montoya said. “He’s bringing all that to the table.”

If you’re interested

If you have lived in Red Cliff for at least one year, are a registered voter and have an interest in serving on the Board of Trustees, stop by Town Hall at 400 Pine St. for an application, call Town Hall at 827-5303 or e-mail for more details.

Montoya said the board would like the new Trustee to apply by March 27 in order to be sworn in at the board’s April 6 meeting.

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