Protect your home from the elements |

Protect your home from the elements

(ARA) – The days are getting shorter, temperatures are beginning to drop, and leaves that have turned brilliant colors are starting to fall from the trees. The change of season will be complete before you know it, but is your home ready to do battle with old man winter? Winter is one of the dirtiest times of year, and unless you take steps to protect your home from the elements, you’ll soon be spending a lot of time cleaning up.

Before the mercury plummets and the first flakes fly, you should set aside a few hours to winterize your home. A good place to start is right at the front door. The doormat you have down right now probably won’t be of much use to you once the snow starts to fall and the kids with their rosy cheeks come running inside. No matter how hard you try to keep things clean, wet shoes and boots are bound to track snow, ice, water, dirt and salt inside. Replace your doormat now with a PIG Tough Mat. It is made from the most absorbent material around and has the Handyman Club of America Member Tested Seal-of-Approval.

PIG products were originally developed to collect oil spills at an industrial manufacturing plant. The company has recently made its versatile products available to consumers and today they are in use in homes across the country. “The material is capable of absorbing oils, water, coolants, solvents (nearly anything), making it ideal for use in entryways, garages and workshops, or anywhere a mess can be made” says Heidi Shetler of

A popular application is to lay the mat down in the garage before draining oil and gasoline from lawnmowers, weed whackers and other engines that won’t be used for a while. To contain the wet, messy drips from cars during the winter, you may want to turn to the Tough Mat’s close cousin, the PIG Absorbent Mat Roll. This Mat, made from PIG Absorbent Fabric, doesn’t just absorb a liquid: it holds it, and with the optional polyethylene backing, it will help prevent grimy messes and slippery spots in your garage. It also makes a great floor or cargo liner for inside your car. “You won’t have to worry about the kids’ sporting equipment making a big mess in the car when you pick them up anymore,” says Betty Narehood, a satisfied customer .

Inside the house, there are a variety of uses for the PIG Absorbent Mat Roll or the PIG Tough Mat. You can put it down in the bathroom or kitchen before repairing a leaky sink, or lay one down before the contractor arrives to make sure your heating system is operating efficiently. “The person you hire will check all the wires and connections, drain the radiator, lubricate pumps, fans and motors, and replace the filter for you. Unless you have one of these mats laid down, it can be a messy proposition,” says Shetler.

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For more information on the unique PIG products, visit the company’s Web site,, or call (866) IDigPig (434-4744).

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