Protesters march against Denver police |

Protesters march against Denver police

Mike McPhee
The Denver Post

About 50 protesters marched on the Denver district attorney’s office today, demanding that the DA do a better job of “policing the police.”

The group of mostly students, organized by the Colorado Progressive Coalition, marched outside the Webb Municipal Building at West Colfax Avenue and Bannock Street, claiming Denver cops beat minorities and then charge their victims with assault on a police officer.

“The police and the DA call it being proactive in the communities of color. We call it racial profiling,” said attorney Art Way, who sat for a half hour with Chief Deputy DA Lamar Sims in his eighth-floor office in the Webb Building.

Way said his group is asking the DA’s office to “put some policy or procedure in place that raises a red flag if a police officer is lying or being overly aggressive. We believe the DA is in the best position to provide oversight on police conduct, or misconduct. We want them to have real knowledge of what really happens on the street and not just base their actions on what they read in the police reports.”

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