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‘Providing information’ is OK!

Don Rogers

Last week, Avon Mayor Buz Reynolds thought it would be a fine idea to avail himself of the town’s e-mail address list and a town employee to send out far and wide news of his candidacy for county commissioner.

The town lawyer thought it was a fine idea, too. This was town business, after all. The constituents and beyond just had to know of Mayor Reynolds’ candidacy for a completely different entity as a matter of town business.


Yes, yes, Town Attorney John Dunn explained: “As far as I’m concerned, it was legitimate town information that the mayor of the town had announced his candidacy for commissioner. The town was simply providing information.”

There you go. Just another perk of office – free PR service by the town for their mayor. Think of the return if he wins and remembers to funnel some of that locked-up money he and colleagues on the Avon Town Council insist the county should just give to them.

Inconvenient state law forbids candidates from using public dollars for campaign activities. According to the clever lawyer, if you call it providing information, well, you must be OK.

Ain’t language beautiful?

Maybe incumbent commissioners Michael Gallagher and Arn Menconi ought to tap the county PR machine. And surely former Sheriff A.J. Johnson can prevail upon the less sure-footed (but free!) Sheriff’s Office to get busy providing information on behalf of his candidacy.

Candidates Peter Runyon and Richard De Clark, alas, will have to do this all on their own. Just their bad luck to be private citizens.

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