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P’s in a pod

Connie Steiert

Customers know, when it comes to design and great furniture, there is no place quite like P. Furniture & Design II for their needs.What they may not know is that P. Furniture & Design II can now meet clients’ needs better than ever before.With state of the art design tools and skilled personnel, P. Furniture can make designing a home fun and easy, whether a client is here in town or across the ocean.”It’s something new for us,” says P. Furniture owner Kathy Peplinski.P. Furniture customers have always delighted in the beautiful and stylish furniture and accessories available at this Eagle-Vail store. And the friendly, knowledgeable staff is always on hand to offer advice, from picking the perfect throw pillow to accessorize your room, to designing an entire home.Under the skilled eye of Peplinski, P. Furniture has remained at the vanguard of design during the past 20-plus years, growing more diverse and sophisticated as its clientele has become more traveled and discriminating in its tastes.Now, however, a new staff member, Kerry Peplinski, has added her own skills to this already talented crew, offering clients a visionary way to enhance their design decisions. Following in her mother’s design footsteps, Kerry Peplinski graduated with an interior design/art history degree from Arizona State University last year. With her design knowledge, Kerry has also brought design-oriented computer skills to P. Furniture, taking the already avant-garde store into the 21st century.The P. Furniture staff now has the ability to create an instant, virtual replica of a client’s sofa and place fabric choices on it so a client can actually see how it will look before she places an order. Or, P. Furniture can recreate an entire floor plan on the computer to show a client how a room will look when it is completed.Additionally, P. Furniture can scan fabrics and designs in-house and send them to clients across the country, or across the world. Or, if P. Furniture has a chest or area rug in stock just perfect for that client in New York or California, the staff can send a digital picture. These new capabilities eliminate guesswork and valuable time.”Instead of having to send it Fed-ex, across the country,” says Peplinski, “we can send it digitally right away.”These virtual technologies have been available to some design manufacturers and large design firms for a while, but are unusual to find in retail outlets or in resort locales.”Now, it’s amazing what we can do,” assures Peplinski.”We are now so much more savvy on that kind of thing.”Yet the core reason customers have been flocking to P. Furniture for more than two decades is its astounding selection. Indeed, shopping at P. Furniture is a design adventure you never know what hidden treasure you will find around the next turn. Instead of orderly vignettes, Peplinski and her P. Furniture staff have created an atmosphere of discovery, artfully mixing deep sofas and lovely hardgoods with whimsical accessories in what, at first, appears a haphazard arrangement.But Peplinski knows exactly what she is doing.”I want people to circle the store several times to see everything,” Peplinski says. “I want them to explore.”There’s a lot to explore at P. Furniture in its 8,000-square feet of showroom. It has expanded significantly from its original premise of offering simple, rustic pine furniture that was both durable and affordable. Since those early days, Peplinski has carefully selected Colorado artisans, whose furniture will not crack and warp in our Rocky Mountain high country. As well, Peplinski has imported stellar lines, such as upholstery manufactures American Leather, Wesley Hall and Alexvale, offering both traditional and contemporary choices. There are unusual finds, too, such as the innovative new line of Cibola.P. Furniture’s casegood lines now include the exotic as well as the more traditional, including furniture from Indonesia, as well as American made lines. In fact, P. Furniture now carries more than 100 lines. The store also specializes in custom goods, with talented artisans capable of fulfilling the unique specifications of each client’s needs at reasonable prices.”We try to give everyone a different look, and not the same thing over and over again,” explains Peplinski. Which is why P. Furniture prides itself on staying ahead of the trends.Each year Peplinski and her associates travel across the country to the design shows to find the latest designs and the best selection for their clientele.”Every time we go we pick up new lines,” says Peplinski.Decorators rely on P. Furniture, too, to furnish and accessorize their clients’ homes. The store has one of the most extensive and diverse accessories lines for miles around, with accessories from around the globe. And, the showroom includes the most complete resource library, with walls of fabrics and wood samples, as well as catalogs.”Clients can’t find a store like this in the city, with the furniture and the design service,” assures Peplinski. “We can get the look you want.”With so many wonderful choices, the P. Furniture staff changes the store around every Wednesday not only to give it a fresh new look, but also to allow customers to “discover” some tempting piece they might have missed before.”That’s part of our success,” Peplinski says, “keeping the product fresh.” And part of P. Furniture’s unique charm.Customers have also come to rely on the expertise of P. Furniture’s long-time staff. The store offers a free design service for its clientele, with full design capabilities, whether you are furnishing a new home or refurbishing an existing one.”We have a wonderful staff,’ Peplinski says. “They are friendly and really care about the people who come in.”No wonder P. Furniture & Design II has had a “great year,” said Peplinski. Despite the slow economy and skittish tourists, P. Furniture customers seem to know a sure thing when they’ve found it.P. Furniture & Design II is located in the Eagle-Vail Business Center. Call (970) 949-0153 for more information. q

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