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‘Psychic’ bilks customer for $5,000 crystal

Kathy Heicher

Providing security for this week’s Kobe Bryant hearings at Eagle District Court was just one of the duties that kept Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies busy this past week. Officers were also dealing with a wayward psychic, some inmate squabbles at the county jail, and various other criminal complaints.

Madam Fraud?

A Frisco woman reported that she was short $5,000 after some dealings with a Vail-based “psychic.”

According to a report filed with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, the woman was feeling down on her luck when she saw an ad in a local newspaper advertising psychic services. Intrigued, she contacted the psychic, “Rosa,”, and began some treatment sessions.

Three or four weeks into the process, Rosa announced that she had experienced a vision, which revealed that a woman named “Pam” was attempting to hurt the victim by causing her to have ovarian cancer.

However, Rosa allegedly said she had a $5,000 crystal for sale that could stave off the bad vibes. The victim sent the cash, as instructed, to a man in California. However, she never allegedly received the crystal.

For several weeks afterwards, Rosa was unavailable, claiming to have been called to New York for a family emergency. At some point, Rosa telephoned the victim, and said she had experienced another vision, which indicated the mysterious “Pam” intended to kill the victim. Rosa allegedly indicated that she could prevent that with $30,000 from the victim.

When the victim protested that she didn’t have that kind of money on hand, Rosa allegedly urged her to get a loan, or to obtain a cash advance on a credit card. The victim at that point called the police.

The victim was able to supply a phone number and Vail address for “Rosa.” But investigating officers found only a disconnected telephone and an empty house. The case remains open.

How many points for ‘harassment?’

A Scrabble game was the unlikely source of trouble for an Eagle man. Two days after breaking up with his girlfriend, the man allegedly made about 10 phone calls to her during a 20-minute period shortly after midnight.

The former boyfriend was insisting that the woman return his Scrabble game to him. When she declined, he called the county cops. A responding officer talked to the woman over the telephone, and she agreed to hand over the game. But while the cop was on the telephone, he heard the sounds of an argument and a scuffle.

The officer quickly drove over the woman’s house. She alleged her estranged boyfriend had pushed her when she opened the door to hand him the game.

The boyfriend was arrested on charges of domestic violence and harassment.

Jail house rocked

A couple of disturbances were reported at the Eagle County Detention Facility this week.

– A recreation period handball game was the source of a dispute between a couple of inmates. The competition was allegedly followed by several hours of taunting and arguing.

At some point, one man allegedly punched another in the face, although no other prisoners witnessed the event and the jail video showed only parts of the conflict. One man ended up with a bruised eye and bloody ear; and the other ended up with an assault charge.

– In an unrelated incident, and upset prisoner alleged another inmate had hit him. Fellow inmates indicated the pair had been involved in a “high-school”-like dispute. Again, there were no witnesses to the culmination of the fight. One man ended up with a cut lip; and the other ended up with a summons for harassment.

Hot stuff

Writing up a report of a ski theft, a Vail Resorts security staff member promised the victim he would keep an eye out for the missing equipment. A few days later, the security worker noticed a fellow security employee carrying in a pair of skis that matched the description of the stolen items.

When questioned by a deputy, the man with the skis allegedly said he had purchased the skis for $75 from a fellow who was selling equipment out of the back of his truck at the Avon Post Office. When questioned about the circumstances of the sale, the buyer said he considered the situation to be “a little sketchy,” but figured that selling skis out of a truck in the middle of the day wasn’t all that unusual for a ski town.

He was warned about the consequences of theft by receiving. Deputies are checking the serial number on the skis to determine if they are legit.

Snowball effect

Sometimes, one bad thing leads to another.

A thief stole the senior class’ bottle in the “Copper/Silver War” at Eagle Valley High School. The fund-raising gimmick involves each class making cash donations in a bottle. Pennies and paper money count for positive points; and silver coins are negative points, thus opening up opportunities for classes to sabotage one another.

When school authorities discovered the loss, they questioned a janitor, who said he had noticed a young man hanging around the cash bottles the previous evening. Using a yearbook, the janitor was able to identify the suspect.

When pulled in by school officials for questioning, a search of the suspect’s belongings allegedly revealed several different types of prescription pills and a marijuana pipe. The prescription bottle allegedly had another person’s name on it. The 18-year-old suspect was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance.

Miscellaneous mischief

– A Bond resident reported the theft of a muzzleloader and a box of antique coins from his home. The thief apparently broke into the front door of the victim’s home. The value of the missing items was $1,200.

– A report of trespassers at a home on Lost Lane in Gypsum turned up two, 10-year-old girls. The youngsters said they had heard the home was for sale, and went in through an unlocked door to take a look. There was no damage.

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