Public records for April 25 |

Public records for April 25

Vail, CO Colorado

District CourtCivil4/5 Eagle River Watershed vs. Greenspring, LLC, et al, confirm arbitration award.4/5 Wells Fargo Equipment vs. Nevada Jet Aviation Inc., replevin.4/5 Aurora Loan Services LLC vs. Brett Linger, foreclosure.4/6 Bank of Colorado vs. Mariela Molina, et al, note.4/6 Birch at Streamside Condo. vs. Everett Dale Groenewold; Juan Villa, et al, foreclosure.4/7 Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Darrel Zwieg, et al, foreclosure.4/6 Timberline Bank vs. South Beach Mountain Hold, breach of contract.4/7 Douglas at Streamside Condo. vs. VVT Inc., foreclosure.4/7 Independent Mortgage Co. vs. Samuel W. Perry, et al, foreclosure.4/8 Community Banks of Colorado vs. Mary Kenyon, foreclosure.4/8 GMAC Mortgage Inc. vs. Carly H. Dimuzio, foreclosure.4/8 Chase Home Finance LLC vs. Robert P. Isom, et al, foreclosure.4/8 Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Jesse Wiens, et al, foreclosure.4/8 Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Jose Sanchez, et al, foreclosure.4/8 Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Elizabeth H. Brown, foreclosure.4/8 Colonial National Mortgage vs. Lindsey MacKellar, foreclosure.4/8 BAC Home Loans Servicing vs. Helena Krebs, foreclosure.4/8 Flagstar Bank vs. Paul B. Molak, foreclosure.4/8 JP Morgan Chase Bank NA vs. Darwin T. McCutcheon, foreclosure.4/8 HSBC Bank USA National vs. Mona Lisa Aguilar, foreclosure.4/8 Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Jose V. Esparza, foreclosure.4/8 Citimortgage Inc. vs. Laura J. Coyne, et al, foreclosure.4/8 The Bank of New York Mell. vs. Samantha J. Means, foreclosure.4/11 JP Morgan Chase Bank vs. Juan Zarate Sanchez, foreclosure.4/13 Richard Shone vs. Linda Limerese, et al, debt dispute.4/13 Richard Shone vs. Sheriff Hoy, et al, other.3/1 Eagle Pointe Condo. vs. Sigifredo Avalos, et al, foreclosure.3/7 The Poste Montane Lodge vs. Arizona Condo Investors, foreclosure.4/11 American National Bank vs. Edward J. Velasquez, note.4/11 American National Bank vs. James Lee, note.4/11 Evergreen at Streamside Condo. vs. De Jesus Sanchez Ordaz, foreclosure.4/12 Bank of America National vs. Ivan Petkov, foreclosure.4/12 Colorado Capital Bank vs. George Austin Jones, et al, foreclosure.4/12 Brothers Carpenters vs. Vail Hotel 09 LLC, et al, mechanic’s lien.4/13 State Farm Fire and Casualty vs. Saint-Gobain Advanced Cer., negligence.4/14 Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Brian Sanchez, et al, foreclosure.4/14 Citibank South Dakota NA vs. Krissi Lindsay Barnes, debt dispute.4/14 Citibank South Dakota NA vs. Allen Dunaj, debt dispute.Criminal4/4 The People of the State of Colorado vs. Thomas J. Howard, possession controlled substance I.4/8 The People of the State of Colorado vs. Amanda Youngstrom, fugitive from justice.4/8 The People of the State of Colorado vs. Carlos Luis Sarellano, fugitive from justice.4/12 The People of the State of Colorado vs. Brian Paul Helt, possession controlled substance II.4/18 The People of the State of Colorado vs. Jesse Clement Colten, possession controlled substance II.SheriffThe following are charges filed by the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, taken directly from the arrest warrants. These are not convictions.4/4 Jose Pavon, 21, Edwards, harassment; domestic violence.4/4 David Payne, 42, Snowmass, jail mittimus.4/4 Leopoldo Lara, 33, Gypsum, contempt of court; other agency warrant; child abuse; third degree assault.4/4 Gilberto Venzor, 32, Gypsum, other agency warrant.4/5 Aaron Bailon, 23, Gypsum, possession controlled substance.4/6 Jorge Mendoza, 33, Leadville, menacing theft.4/6 Megan OHara, 34, Lakewood, other agency warrant; contempt of court.4/6 Martin Schwindt, 47, Burns, jail mittimus; DUR: revoked; DUI.4/6 Timothy Jones, 38, Avon, jail mittimus; DUI; evidence of motor vehicle insurance; driving without headlights.4/7 Hung Yen, 44, Avon, violation of restraining order.4/7 Garry Mears, 50, Aspen, failed to dim headlights to oncoming traffic; DUI.4/7 Roberto Rosales, 29, Avon, other agency warrant; hunting license violation.4/7 Amanda Youngstrom, 25, Price, UT, first degree aggravated motor vehicle theft; criminal possession of a financial device; fugitive from justice; DUR: suspended; criminal possession of identification document.4/7 Justin Sommervold, 27, Colorado Springs, contempt of court.4/8 Jennifer Wiens, 41, Eagle, criminal mischief; domestic violence; hit and run; DUR: revoked; harassment.4/9 Isidro De la Cruz, 23, Avon, felony menacing; criminal impersonation.4/9 John Clark, 23, Avon, third degree assault; domestic violence.4/9 Lorenzo Benitez, 21, Basalt, possession controlled substance.4/10 Martha Sarao, 45, Eagle, violation of restraining order.4/10 Carlos Lopez, 45, Eagle, failed to drive on right side of road; driving under restraint for alcohol offense; parked vehicle on traveled portion of highway.4/12 Daniel Cloonan, 38, Eagle, possession controlled substance.4/12 Levi Vasquez, 22, Eagle, possession controlled substance.4/15 Juan Cruz, 25, Avon, domestic violence; third degree assault.4/15 Alejandro Correa, 39, Vail, sexual assault; false imprisonment.4/16 Oscar Nevarez, 20, Edwards, criminal impersonation; DUI; DUR: suspended; illegal possession alcohol by minor; displayed expired license plates.4/17 Michael French, 27, Trail Creek, IN, DUI; failed to stop for flashing red signal; following too closely; compulsory insurance.4/17 Julio Cardona, 19, Edwards, possession of a forged instrument; failure to appear.4/17 Kathleen Atencio, 40, Minturn, violation of restraining order.Marriages 4/6 Stephen Quinn Kelly to Vanessa Rosillo de La Hera, Avon.4/6 Alan John Jeskewitz to Jeannine Marie Powers, Chicago, Ill.4/6 Jeffrey Karl Althage to Suzanne Elaine Moriarty, Vail.4/6 Ivan K. Petkov to Alena Borisovna Sidzenka, Edwards.4/6 Anthony Jerome Amoroso to Anastasia Volegova, Houston, Texas.4/7 Alberto Levy Nacah to Luz de Juvera Vallejo.4/8 Mark A. Szczesny to Amy Kristin Keeley.4/12 Andrew Michael Lizotte to Megan Olivia Lund, Basalt.4/12 Lucien James Gill to Jessica Lynne Tenny.4/14 Roberto Carlos Villalobos to Gabriela Yudith Sacadas, Carbondale.4/19 Justin Lee Schreiber to Lisa Noell Freeman, Basalt.4/19 Charles Ralph Wright to Julie Ann Strablizky, Avon.4/20 Eduardo Efrain Velasco to Jossie Requena, Avon.4/20 Erik Orlando Vasquez to Jessica Lynn Aceves, Minturn.4/20 Ben Lee Bray to Gene Renee Jacobson, Gypsum.Property TransfersDeer Ridge to Bryan Family Enterprises, 4/15, WD Lot 4, Bighorn 5th Add., $2,400,000.CSB UE Colorado DPC Holdings LLC to Michael & Christina Jankowski, 4/15, WD Lot 506-R, Beaver Creek Lodge Condo., $2,900,000.Sky Legend Homes to Paul & Emily St Ruth, 4/15, WD Lot 101-C, Sky Legend at Cotton Ranch Fil. 2, $336,000.

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