Public records for May 16 |

Public records for May 16

Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

District Court


5/6 FirstBank vs. Thomas J. Miletich, et al, foreclosure.

5/6 Colorado Capital Bank vs. Sylvain Cote, foreclosure.

5/6 FirstBank vs. Robert S. Herbst, foreclosure.

5/4 Jeffrey Grau vs. Sam Robertson, et al, personal injury.

5/6 Alpine Bank vs. Alan C. Styers, debt dispute.

5/6 E-Trade Bank vs. Jane Lauren Cotter, foreclosure.

5/9 Capital One Bank USA NA vs. Christine W. Ryan, debt dispute.

5/9 Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Stephen D. Johnson, et al, foreclosure.

5/9 HSBC Bank USA National Assoc. vs. Richard M. Ford, foreclosure.


4/22 The People of the State of Colorado vs. Michael Ray Burton, criminal mischief.

4/25 The People of the State of Colorado vs. Jonathan Paul Cook, stalking/harassment.

4/25 The People of the State of Colorado vs. Victor Manzano, possession and distribution Marijuana.

4/25 The People of the State of Colorado vs. Rodrigo Lopez Garcia, possession/distribution controlled substance II.


The following are charges filed by the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, taken directly from the arrest warrants. These are not convictions.

4/19 David Martinez, 23, Gypsum, contempt of court.

4/20 Nathan McNary, 27, El Jebel, failure to pay; violation of parole.

4/20 Alexandra Hall, 22, Vail, criminal mischief; resisting arrest; harassment; domestic violence.

4/20 Salvador Virgen, 21, Gypsum, contempt of court.

4/20 Joshua Shaw, 37, Avon, second degree criminal trespass; second degree burglary.

4/20 Thomas Morgan, 32, Vail, other agency warrant.

4/21 Sarah Foster, 25, Gypsum, obstruction of telephone services; harassment.

4/21 Peter Gilbert, 47, Ocala, FL, other agency warrant.

4/21 Robby Duffy, 39, Eagle, careless driving; violation of restraining order.

4/22 Manuel Zapata, 18, Vail, speeding; DUR: revoked.

4/23 Patrick Bradford, 45, Avon, failed to notify police of accident; DUI.

4/23 Spencer Sterling, 18, Edwards, second degree burglary; illegal possession alcohol by minor; possession drug paraphernalia; theft.

4/24 Jonathan Cook, 31, Vail, stalking; theft; domestic violence; obstruction of telephone services; harassment; criminal mischief.

4/24 Mark Hammerbeck, 45, Aurora, harassment; domestic violence.

4/25 Gabriel Aceves, 23, Minturn, contempt of court; violation of restraining order.

4/26 Hipolito Nunez, 56, Eagle, possession controlled substance.

4/26 Alfred Bamberger, 74, Edwards, sexual assault on a child in a position of trust.

4/27 Modesta Lopez, 41, Avon, weaving; driving under restraint for alcohol offense; no evidence of motor vehicle insurance.

4/27 Justin Hammond, 31, Edwards, violation of restraining order.

4/27 Jose Gonzalez, 27, Gypsum, DUR: revoked; no seatbelt; speeding.


4/21 Eli Stephen Gerstein to Samantha Bogash, Avon.

4/21 Deciderio DeSantiago to Maria Del Zamudio, Avon.

4/21 Adrian Marcu to Andrea Suzanne Paxson, Avon.

4/21 Alejandro Zuniga to Gabriela Camunez, Eagle.

4/22 Michael Sobota to Alessandra Milena Gastaldello.

4/22 Francis L. Cloudt to Lone Christiansen.

4/25 Manfred F. Harpole to Janice Elizabeth Lay.

4/25 James E. Purtell to Nicole M. Fahy, Milwaukee, Wis.

4/25 Gilberto Loya to Hilda Aurora Vasquez.

4/26 Jose Anibal Roberto Telles to Marlin Yaneth Medrano, Basalt.

4/26 Gerald S. Kirschner to Katherine A. Thatcher, Dorchester, MA.

4/26 Chad Justus Allen to Angela Nicole Heironimus, Trent, TX.

4/27 Lance L. Arnold to Kate Evans Kinas, Minturn.

4/27 Anthony Greggory Carthy to Lori Anne Rivers, Gypsum.

4/27 Alex Vicente Romo to Marcela Chavez, Gypsum.

4/27 Alfredo Villegas to Sandra Ramirez.

4/28 August Allen Gosnell to Nicole Andrea Geraci, Avon.

4/28 John Franklin Kral to Julie Ann Coon, Plainfield, Ill.

4/28 Hugh Patrick O’Donnell to Kristin Rose Johnson, Vail.

4/28 Neema Sherpa to Nima Y. Sherpa, Avon.

4/29 Jose Miguel Soto to Gabriela A. Ramos.

5/5 Edwin Yovany Pineda to Jovita Tavera, Minturn.

5/5 Jesse L. Kleinman to Amy L. Doroba, Lyndhurst, Ohio.

5/5 Robert Michael Hodges to Rita Blair Axelroth, Philadelphia, Pa.

5/6 Mervyn Lapin to Laine Abbott Coffey, Vail.

5/9 Ivan Ubaldo Pinon to Carolina Cornejo, Minturn.

5/10 Luis R. Mireles to Miriam M. Villarreal, Denver.

5/10 Ross Blount to Kelly Carissa Raymond, Avon.

5/10 Miguel Luevano to Rosaelena Ramirez, Edwards.

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