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8/5 American Linen Supply Co. vs. Kaltenberg Castle Brewery, breach of contract.

8/1 Points of Colorado vs. Kara Lafferty, foreclosure.

8/2 Bank of New York vs. John Russell Aube, et al, foreclosure.

8/6 Oldcastle SW Group Inc. vs. Preferred Builders Inc., et al, debt dispute.

8/8 EMC Mortgage Corp. vs. Santiago S. Perez, et al, foreclosure.

8/8 Nils, Inc. Banner Sports II, Lt. et al, goods sold and delivered.

8/12 Paul Musso, et al vs. Stephanie Lentz, et al, debt dispute.

8/12 Points of Colorado vs. James L. Casey, et al, foreclosure.

8/21 Otto Weist vs. Board of County Commissioners, debt dispute.


8/13 The People of Colorado vs. Justin Quenon McCarty, possession controlled substance II.

8/13 The People of Colorado vs. Chad Byron Frederick, possession controlled substance II.

8/14 The People of Colorado vs. Frederick Lowey Gavitt, burglary.

8/15 The People of Colorado vs. Mark David Mogul, theft.

8/16 The People of Colorado vs. Donald Velasquez, burglary.

8/20 The People of Colorado vs. Shannon Wayne Holmes, possession schedule II.

8/19 The People of Colorado vs. Erik Snyder, possession controlled substance II.


8/8 Susan Van Dyke Kamby, 35, Edwards and Joseph Donald Kamby, 37, Edwards.

8/13 Gloria Dominguez, 38, Gypsum and Carlos Dominguez, 33, Gypsum.

8/14 Tom Persson, 30, Avon and Simone Larese, 26, New York.

8/16 Carlin White-Cahill, 30, Eagle and Patrick Cahill, 29, Gypsum.


8/14 James Curtin, 26, Vail, failure to appear.

8/14 Justin Holman, 22, Denver, probation violation.

8/14 Christian Garcia, 18, Eagle, domestic violence; harassment; false imprisonment.

8/15 John Golden, 35, Colorado Springs, failure to appear.

8/15 Michael Tarus, 32, Edwards, failure to appear; possession 1 oz. or less marijuana; failed to present insurance; light violation; displayed expired plates; possession drug paraphernalia.

8/15 Denise Henderson, 44, Carbondale, DUI; weaving; driving without seatbelt.

8/15 Eloy Lopez, 39, Minturn, careless driving; DUI; possession drug paraphernalia.

8/16 Mark Kraft, 43, Colorado Springs, DUI; weaving; displayed expired plates.

8/15 Josue Carro, 18, Basalt, criminal mischief; third degree assault; domestic violence.

8/16 Allen Nixon, 19, Gypsum, third degree assault; consumption/minor.

8/17 Katherine Cameron, 23, Avon, DUI; speeding.

8/17 Samuel Aguilar, 18, Gypsum, theft; first degree forgery; failure to appear.

8/18 Peter Stewart, 34, Washington, DC, DUI; failed to yield.

8/18 Lissandro Almarez, 20, Eagle, domestic violence; harassment.

8/18 Erik Snyder, 29, Steamboat Springs, unlawful distribution/intent; resisting arrest.

8/18 Jose Chavez, 35, Avon, DUI; weaving.

8/19 Jose Saucedo, 35, Edwards, domestic violence; harassment.

8/18 Clista Sanchez, 32, Gypsum, larceny/forgery.

8/19 Marcia McCalden, 56, Wolcott, DUI; weaving; drove vehicle with no license on person.

8/18 Ever Alderete, 19, Avon, DUI; drove revoked from DUIA; traffic control signals; consumption/minor.

8/19 Thomas McCalden, 54, Wolcott, DUI; weaving.

8/18 Manuel Osuna, 23, Minturn, intro contraband first degree; failure to appear.

8/19 Alejandro Sanchez, 22, Edwards, failure to appear; court writ.

8/19 Codi Woolsey, 22, Basalt, unlawful use weapon; illegal discharge firearm.

8/19 Jimmy Chism, 47, Myrtle, TN, sale or possession controlled substance IV.

8/19 Mark Mogul, 43, Edwards, theft.

8/19 Brandon Causey, 30, Gypsum, DUI; unsafe lane change; offense related marijuana; possession drug paraphernalia.

8/20 Kimberly Dolle, 36, Gypsum, protective custody.

8/20 Curtis Reed, 21, Denver, DUI; careless driving.

8/21 Robert Scurlock, 33, Granbury, TX, failure to appear.

8/20 Efrain Orellana, 27, Aspen, failure to appear.

8/20 Lance O’Brien, 25, Lakewood, failure to appear.

8/20 Daniel Curry, 48, Glenwood Springs, theft; parole violation; failed to present insurance; drove without valid license; displayed expired plates.

8/21 Evenor Herrera, 19, Gypsum, harassment; consumption/minor.

8/22 Alan Cruz, 18, Gypsum, harassment; consumption/minor.

8/21 Jose Lopez, 21, Gypsum, false reporting to authorities; failed to present insurance; drove vehicle without valid license.

8/21 Norman Branca, 45, Edwards, unlawful distribution/intent.

8/22 Brian Dockery, 19, Eagle-Vail, eluding.

Vail Police

6/20 Hampton Guest Williams, 23, Eagle-Vail, criminal injury to property; obstructing a peace officer.

6/28 William Walter Pyka, 55, Edwards, restraining order violation.

6/29 Travis W. Miller, 25, Vail, depositing waste material.

6/29 Lawrence Renner, 34, Minturn, arrest warrant-Vail.

6/29 Eric Alexander White, 18, Littleton, possession liquor by underage person.

6/29 Joshua K. Pedersen, 19, Littleton, possession liquor by underage person.

6/29 Ryan N. White, 18, Littleton, possession liquor by underage person.

6/29 Andrew R. Daughters, 19, Littleton, possession liquor by underage person.

6/30 Benjamin R. Posey, 23, Vail, DUI; disregard stop sign; NPOI; drove wrong way on road; possession drug paraphernalia.

6/30 Christopher J. Whitworth, 25, Vail, possession/public display of cannabis.

7/1 Patrick G. Bassett, 49, second degree arson.

7/1 William G. Lovett, 32, FTA warrant-Eagle County.

7/1 Stephen M. Stanton, 32, Avon, FTA warrant-Vail P.D.

7/3 Sean R. Grealis, 21, Vail, FTA warrants-Vail P.D.

7/4 Alan Neil Colclough, 28, Vail, depositing waste material.

7/5 Paul V. Calluzzo, 18, Manhasset, NY, possession liquor by underage person; depositing waste material.

7/5 Laurice M. Rutledge, 20, N. Cranberry, NJ, possession liquor by underage person; false identification.

7/5 Leon VanAswegan, 29, Vail, DUI; weaving; possession schedule I.

7/4 Miguel Angel Sanchez, 24, Basalt, possession less than 1 oz. cannabis.

7/5 Justin Paul Ferraby, 26, England, possession open container.

7/5 Daniel A. Bujanda-Villalobos, 20, Leadville, possession schedule II; unlawful distribution of schedule II.

7/6 Prudencio Martinez, 19, Basalt, disorderly conduct.

7/7 Joe Pearson, 20, Vail, trespassing.

7/8 Kaili S. Chipman, 18, Edwards, possession liquor by underage person.

7/8 Valerie Larae Valdez, 18, Vail, possession liquor by underage person.

7/8 Nicholas Joseph Bruno, 18, Arvada, possession liquor by underage person.

7/8 Adam D. Frank, 20, Arvada, possession liquor by underage person.

7/10 Robert S. Davies, Jr., 40, Vail, DUI.

7/12 Jorma C. Perez, 31, Vail, harassment; violation of restraining order.

7/13 Juan A. Gonzalez, 24, Gypsum, DUI; drove without valid driver’s license; NPOI.

7/14 Shawn L. Sullivan, 31, Avon, criminal injury to property.

7/14 James A. Simpkins, 28, Avon, DUI; DUI per se; weaving.

7/14 Syed A. Ali, 25, Boulder, contempt of court warrant-Vail.

7/15 Alexander Jae Sebring, 21, Leadville, FTA warrant-Leadville P.D.

7/16 Forrest B. Benson, 18, Colorado Springs, DUI; weaving.

7/16 Mychal R. Causin, Vail, disorderly conduct.

7/16 Paul D. Nesterenko, 38, Vail, disorderly conduct.

7/17 Matthew C. Lujan, 34, Eagle, contempt of court warrant-Mesa County S.O.

7/28 Gay Nanette Beach, 23, Vail, FTA warrant-Eagle Co.

7/30 Keith R. Richards, 59, Golden, FTA warrants-Denver Co., Jefferson Co.

7/31 Eugene Higgins, 46, Eagle, trespassing.

7/8 Michael W. LaGasse, 42, Vail, assault and battery.

7/13 Jangu Sherpa, 30, Vail, criminal injury to property.

7/18 Daniel K. Wallace, 20, Vail, possession less than 1 oz. cannabis.

7/18 Caleb W. Chase, 22, Vail, possession less than 1 oz. cannabis.

7/21 Sunny M. Davis, 27, Minturn, violation amplified sound permit.

7/25 Eddie H. Pacheco, 35, Leadville, theft.

7/26 Patrick M. O’Brien, 35, Edwards, weaving; reckless driving; DUI; drove vehicle under restraint.

7/27 William W. Pyka, 55, Edwards, restraining order violation.

7/27 Vicki L. Molinski, 40, Edwards, restraining order violation.

7/27 Anthony J. Pasmas, 31, Minturn, speeding; DUI; DUI per se.

7/27 Michael D. Steimie, 51, Vail, trespassing; obstructing a peace officer; resisting arrest.

7/28 Dudley Duel, 41, Leadville, DUI; DUI per se; failed to yield; disregard stop sign.

8/1 Eugene R. Fuller, 23, Avon, FTA warrant-Vail.

8/1 Jose Pedro Zapata, 32, Edwards, arrest warrant-Vail.

8/2 Keith Noel Syllie, 33, Arvada, criminal mischief; second degree burglary; criminal attempt.

8/2 Anthony Grey Pike, 30, Littleton, second degree burglary; theft; criminal mischief; arrest warrant-Arapahoe.

8/3 Douglas D. Ortz, 35, Steamboat Springs, possession open container.

8/3 Lee W. Kalosky, 23, Edwards, obstructing; possession open container.

8/3 Christopher J. Elliot, 29, Vacaville, CA, disorderly conduct.

8/3 Scott D. Elliot, 23, Poway, CA, disorderly conduct.

8/3 Andrew T. Creteau, 24, Avon, disorderly conduct.

8/4 Jeremia L. Reagle, 26, Vail, FTA warrant-Eagle County.

8/4 Sean P. Howe, 31, Denver, disorderly conduct; assault and battery.

8/4 Chad B. Frederick, 26, Vail, possession schedule II.

8/5 Christopher S. Mock, 20, Avon, contempt of court.

8/6 Hugo Medellin-Torres, 18, Leadville, drove vehicle under denial; speeding; operated uninsured motor vehicle.

5/31 Robert Stephen Mires, 29, Edwards, DUR; displayed expired number plates.

6/4 Brook Carson Deboer, 29, FTA warrant-Vail.

6/6 James Guy Harrison, 39, trespassing.

6/8 Bogdan Jan Migurski, 48, Avon, DUI; reckless driving; weaving; failed to yield right of way.

6/8 Christopher Paul Backman, 30, Vail, careless driving; DUI.

6/8 Jennifer Ann Curd, 27, Minturn, DUI; NPOI; weaving.

6/8 Isabella Gardner Dana, 19, Newport, Rhode Island, possession liquor by underage person.

6/8 Graham T. Doerge, 20, Oyster Bay, NY, DUI; DUI per se; illegal consumption of alcohol.

6/11 Benjamin David Weiner, 22, Avon, contempt of court warrant-Vail.

6/13 Ann Marie Mueller, 57, Vail, criminal injury to property.

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