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Pump up the volume

Laura A. Ball
Vail Daily/Laura A. BallDark suede boot with brass trim, $300, Well-Heeled in Edwards.

When my 2-year-old niece ripped open her Cinderella costume on Christmas morning, she cast away the wand, tossed the tiara and flung the sparkly dress aside. All she was after were the pretty blue princess shoes with the tuft of fur at the toe, almost as if she had been programmed to seek and slip on. Every other perfectly wrapped present – as well as her red velvet jumper – paltry, she paraded tirelessly around the tree in her striped stockings and royal high heels, the happiest toddler in the world. What is it about shoes that causes women to drool, fixate and frivolously spend entire paychecks?

Before the Cinderella slippers, it was her shin-high pink shearling boots with fur on the inside and two blinking lights on the heel whenever she took a step. She wanted to wear them with everything, including nothing at all, all the time.But like we all should, my 2-year-old niece has moved on from her Uggs to a high-impact, highly powerful heel.

Heels gives us height, they create a direct line from the foot to the leg, they give rise to beauty and elegance, allow women to humor their whimsies, but most of all they give us power.

As art often imitates art, shoes in the seasons to come deplore the demure and evoke power – the power to bring Cinderella to her prince, the power to bring Dorothy home, the power to make dreams come true. Shoes this season, whatever the style, make a serious statement: I may not wear the pants, but I wear the shoes.

Come spring, the high-heeled sandal with a Grecian-feel will be sprouting up all over sidewalks. On the extreme end of the spectrum, check out Michael Kors woven leather heel, although not for all women. Smartly paired with the season’s flowy frocks, high sandals make the look casual sexy.

The glamorous platform pump of the 1940s is making a major comeback in bright hues. Wear them with a flirty, yet sophisticated, dress. Also be on the lookout for wedges, from boots to sandals, where comfort and fashion can be found mingling.Until the snow melts, try a peep-toe heel with opaque tights or fun stockings to get a jump start on spring.

Fabulous shoes are not a necessity, rather pure luxury. Step into a great pair and into your favorite fairy tale or let them take you home, and watch your dreams come true, if only until the clock strikes 12.

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