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Pumpkin pummels Gypsum SUV

Dustin Racioppi
Gypsum, CO Colorado

GYPSUM, Colorado ” The timeless Halloween tradition of smashing pumpkins made its way to Gypsum last Saturday, but the stunt caused about $500 to a woman’s minivan.

Eagle County Sheriff’s records show that a 60-year-old woman who was visiting her son in Gypsum for the night woke up to find pieces of pumpkin in the driveway next to Dodge Caravan. A closer look revealed the van’s windshield had been broken from by pumpkin, with seeds and rinds strewn about the windshield and hood.

Police canvassed the surrounding neighborhood for signs of vandalism at other residences, but found nothing.

AVON ” Swerving and reckless roundabout driving resulted in a slew of charges for a local man Monday night.

An Eagle County police officer saw a car driving eastbound on Highway 6 that crossed over into the left-hand turn lane. He followed the car and then saw the driver switch lanes in a roundabout without using a blinker, so he pulled the car over. While waiting for the man to pull over, the officer saw him pass something to the passenger.

Police said the driver was sluggish responding to his request for license, insurance and registration, and he also smelled like alcohol. The officer also saw an open Corona bottle and a full Tecate beer can in the car. He added that the man appeared pretty disheveled and was trying to zip his fly on his jeans.

Dispatchers told the officer that the 25-year-old had an active restraining order barring the man from having or drinking alcohol. Police took him into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence, then searched the car, finding a pipe that smelled of burnt marijuana, the report shows.

There were no repercussions for the passenger, but the driver was booked for DUI, open container, weaving, driving without a valid license, possession of drug paraphernalia and violation of a restraining order. He was also served with a notice of revocation.

EAGLE ” After a fight with his wife that involved alcohol and a .45 caliber semi-automatic gun, a 35-year-old Eagle County man was taken to the Eagle County Detention Facility and summonsed with domestic violence/harassment.

Police responded to the Salt Creek Ranch residence late Sunday night for a report of a domestic incident. When they arrived, they found the man, who they said smelled of booze and had bloodshot eyes, on the home’s deck, waiting. His wife then showed up, visibly scared and intimidated by her husband, police said.

According to the county sheriff’s records, the couple got into an argument when the man asked his wife of 14 years if she still wanted to be with him.

The man allegedly grabbed her, police said, to make her listen to him. She told police he grabbed her by the arms and pushed her backwards, telling her she could leave, but not with the children. He then made her wake them up to ask them who they’d rather live with. Then she called police.

Police found a magazine clip tucked under the man’s belt, then discovered a Ruger .45 caliber semi-automatic hidden beneath the couch. They then took the man into custody, issued the summons and put the woman in contact with victim services.

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