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Punditry for the right price

Don Rogers

Hey, we want this deal: Broadcast and newspaper pundit Armstrong Williams collects $240,000 from the White House for touting the No Child Left Behind Act on his broadcasts and to interview Education Secretary Rod Paige for radio and TV spots on Williams’ shows.

Cool! Instead of having to just accept that miserly journalist pay ” which makes education look like a profitable field ” we could accept small considerations for taking certain positions in this very forum.

Eagle County’s government could perhaps add a line item to its ample budget for “editorial support” for, say, three issues of its choosing.

Vail tired of being picked at for choosing snowmelt, a new gymnasium and rebuilding the Pirate Ship playground for over $300,000 as wiser investments than a fire station a judge ordered them to build back in the 1980s? Well, some of that reserve could be invested in a few kind words, no?

Yo Magnus, looking for better takes on the flagpole and school site and whatever next controversy might loom with the Village at Avon?

Might be an answer here. For Vail Resorts, the possibilities are endless. And perhaps we could be persuaded to think that it would be a just dandy idea for Avon’s taxpayers to help build a gondola from the confluence up to Beaver Creek. Are you reading, East West?

Williams doesn’t see any problem here. Heck, maybe he’s on to something.


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