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Purple pole piques Avon townspeople

Kristen Allen

One Avon town council member wants to hear residents’ purple prose about the huge, purple flagpole at Wal-Mart.”I’m going to ask the council and town attorney whether there are any existing ordinances that could change the situation,” says council member Ron Wolfe.Traer Creek, LLC, erected their 150-foot parking lot flagpole, which will be dedicated July 3 with an American flag about the size of another icon of Americana, the double-wide house trailer – 20-feet by 38 feet. Avon Mayor Buz Reynolds says he appreciates the patriotic sentiments, but Traer Creek might have gone overboard a bit.”I didn’t know whether to raise a flag on that thing or light a fuse and see how high it would go,” says Reynolds.Wolfe says he is not personally offended by the new addition to the Wal-Mart and Home Depot parking lot, he says he’s heard residents in a purple passion and wants them to bring their concerns to Tuesday’s council meeting.”I want to get the facts and see whether the town could consider retroactively impacting the flagpole,” Wolfe says.Reynolds says reactions from citizens have been overwhelming.”They can’t believe it. I don’t know if we have capability, but if the council would like to look into it, we could do that,” Reynolds says.And while some residents might want to go along with Reynolds and launch the thing, they may be too late. Traer Creek earned its independence in 1998.Avon’s new purple appendage was approved by the Village at Avon’s design review board, which operates outside the authority of the city’s planning and zoning commission.”Unfortunately, they do have a right to do this, they have their own design review board,” Reynolds says.Council member Pete Buckley agreed. “Traer Creek secured the development rights for the property years ago. What they’ve done is within those rights. I don’t have a problem with a big American flag.”Not all reactions to the flagpole are negative, says council member Debbie Buckley.”I’ve heard mostly positive things. People are happy that Magnus Lindholm (majority landowner and manager of Traer Creek, LLC) is doing this, especially considering the situation our country is in,” she says.”But I always go to the council meetings with an open mind. I think it’s in their agreement with the city and that they can do it,” says councilwoman Buckley. “So it would be pretty hard to change. But that’s something for the lawyers to figure out.”Anyone interested in launching a protest against the Village at Avon’s new rocket-like 150-foot-tall purple flagpole should attend the Avon City Council meeting, 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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