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Put a bow on it – gift ideas

Laura A. Ball
Laura A. Ball/Vail DailyComfortable martini slippers that can be used all year long make a great last-minute gift, Laughing Monkey, $44.

This may be the only time of year when I dread shopping.Too many gifts to buy, not enough money, not enough time to buy them and not enough money.With just six days left before the big day, if shopping can’t be fun, at least it can be easy. There are so many ways to show your appreciation and no better time than the holidays. So make a list (this way you’ll see that you have accomplished some things) and check your way down in a flash.

Whether for your co-worker, your child’s teacher or your trusty neighbor who’s always watching your dog at the last minute, these ideas will come in handy. When it’s down to the wire, don’t be shy in the accessory department. They’re quick and easy – and sometimes less pricey.In the mountains, people can always use another scarf or a pair of gloves. You can even go luxurious with a pair of cashmere socks or some cozy slippers for those cold winter mornings. Hint: Think of something you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself but always catches your eye.A cute coin purse with a bonus hidden inside, like a gift certificate for a manicure. And for extra fun, include a sample size of flavored liquor available at most liquor stores, to help them release any excess tension while they’re being pampered.I always love receiving jewelry. Katie Couric said she’s giving her friends jewel-encrusted broaches this year. Find a darling jewelry box, fill it with funky costume pieces, or one exquisite piece.Of course, it never hurts to know the receiver’s interests. If the person’s a movie buff, well, a DVD. If they’re a sushi lover, you can find inexpensive sushi sets for them to use for take-out. And, yes, I have seen them in the Vail Valley. A coffee drinker, a gift card, holiday brews or some new mugs. For dog-lovers, because the valley isn’t lacking in those, a dog-inspired frame or some fancy treats.

If it’s homemade, and you’re not a whiz in the knitting department or crafty with beads, stick to yummy cookies, fudge or candies. No one wants a science experiment. Go with a tried and true recipe (if you don’t have one, call your mom). Remember, this is supposed to be easy.For a simple universal gift, put together a gift basket. Fill it with cookies, candy gourmet hot cocoa or cider mix, some festive mugs or to go carafes and candy canes. And make it colorful. If you’re not a baker or don’t have time, store-bought goodies will do just fine. PitselsGift baskets can always be tailored to the person’s interests, as well. If they’re a chocoholic, go wild and fill a basket full of various sweets, malted milkballs, nonpareils, chocolate coins.Other universal gifts … candles, a box of sweets, a bottle of wine, a framed photo, a gift certificate to a great restaurant or their favorite store.And you can always regift.

So, put a bow on it and call it a day.Staff Writer Laura A. Ball can be reached at (970) 949-0555, ext. 619, or laball@vaildaily.com.Vail, Colorado

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