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Put war to a vote

Katie Russ

First, there are some very important cons for war. It will cost the U.S. millions of dollars to go through with the war. If we attack Iraq, then they will, of course, fire back. Also, we have been inspecting their country, and they are getting irritated. The more we irritate, the sooner they will attack. In war, not only the government, Saddam Hussein, and the terrorists will be destroyed; also civilians will be killed. The protesters who are against war can get their point across in a peaceful way.

On the other hand, people have good reasons to go and attack Iraq. In that country, there are terrorist groups that are linked to the terrorist groups in Afghanistan. They are a big threat to the U.S. We should start war before they do so we are ready to fight and take them by surprise. America has other countries to back it up if we need a stronger army.

In my opinion, to be fair to both sides, war or not, we should vote. In this process, it would be like any election, but the voting age should start at sixteen. It may or may not cut down on the protesting, but all the American citizens, within the age, will have a say in world affairs.

In conclusion, voting for or against war with Iraq will be a peaceful and fair way for every voice to be heard since there are several pros and cons for war. I don’t want to go to war because of the mess it will turn out to be. What is your opinion?

Editors Note: These are letters from Eagle Valley Middle School eighth-graders

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