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Put your best face forward – face fitness

Gabrie Higbie
Vail, CO, Colorado
AE Gabrie Higbie KH 1-17-07

While pondering about what to write about this week, how excited I am to wear flip-flops or how skirt weather is in full swing, I felt a small pain on my chin. Looking in the mirror, I noticed a red spot. Darn, I was getting a zit.

And then it hit me. Fashion is not just about clothes. It’s about the whole picture. How you feel about your body as a whole, for example, generally dictates your fashion sensibility.

The zit on my chin is all I can think about. I am consumed. It doesn’t really matter what I am wearing ” because I am wearing a 20-foot, fire engine red, zit on my chin.

So, I was inspired to talk to a pro. Michelle Connolly, owner of In Your Face, had a lot of very interesting advice. In Your Face is skin fitness, and it’s appropriately located in Dogma Athletica in Edwards. Connolly is a big believer that the skin needs to be worked out like any other part of your body.

“Skin is the largest organ,” Connolly said. “It truly is the first line of defense of everything.”

The facials at In Your Face are corrective, not fluff. Connolly said that she tries to “customize to everybody’s skin type ” based on what a person’s skin needs the most at that time.”

So what about products? Connolly has done some extensive research on the products she offers.

“People love the products, and they are not stupid expensive,” Connollt said. “$50 as opposed to $100 for moisturizer.”

She also recommends changing the products up every six weeks or so. Skin has memory, so right along with the skin fitness philosophy, Connolly explains that she likes to “keep the skin guessing.” The more you change, the more the skin has to react to- making it stronger every time.

Your skin is truly a reflection of what is going on inside. Are you drinking enough water? Getting enough sleep? Eating the right diet? A treatment at In Your Face can help you assess that. But more importantly, with all of your internal ducks in a row ” your beauty will exude.

To book a facial at In Your Face call Michelle Connolly at 688-4434. A basic facial is $85 and lasts about an hour. My appointment is on Tuesday.

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