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Putting on the dancing boots: Liza and the Soul Stars play Street Beat

Wren Wertin
Special to the DailyLiza and the Soul Stars have a rootsy rock approach to music. They play for the last Street Beat Concert before the winter break. The grand prize will be announced during the show.

Liza is a performer of varied abilities – sweet and refined, hard and raw.

Neither seems forced; both are real. She’ll be playing with her regular band, the Soul Stars.

A rootsy, soulful rock group, Liza and the Soul Stars have a wide repertoire of original material. From melody-driven songs to gospel-steeped tunes, they’ve drawn comparisons on a song-by-song basis to the Rolling Stones and Sheryl Crow.

“We get funkier and prettier and more dynamic, too,” said Liza. “And I still have my funk tunes that I like to do.”

Liza and the Soul Stars have taken their performance to a new level. Instead of inundating the audience with a full, blanketing sound, they carefully spin an ever-growing web of music. The crowd is hooked before they know it, so that the full-throttle crescendo of the show seems more an answer to a request than a normal style of play.

Music makes up the better part of Liza’s life. From her early, party-band days with Zuba to her current role as a music teacher, Liza has rarely strayed from the musical path. Though she finds teaching rewarding, her favorite outlet is still performing.

“It’s an expressive, physical art form that I can share with people in an immediate sense,” she said. “There’s a lot of interaction, that sensual communication.”

In addition to lead vocalist and guitarist Liza, the Soul Stars are keyboardist Steve Vidaic, drummer Brian McRae and bassist Aaron Snyder.

The musicians are currently working on a new album, a first for them as a group. They’ve been exploring it in Liza’s home studio, meaning they have plenty of time to polish the songs.

Tonight’s Street Beat concert is a big deal, as they’re finally announcing the grand prize. Residents of Eagle, Summit and Lake Counties can register once each concert. Tonight is also the last concert before the locals-are-too-busy (and it’s too damn cold) hiatus. The concerts will resume Feb. 19.

After the Street Beat concert – bring your dancing boots – Liza will be helping the folks at 8150 celebrate their third anniversary. For more information on the musicians, visit their Web site at http://www.lizarocks.com.

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