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Q & A with the Vail Valley Business Women

Scott N. Miller
High Country Business Review

A: Vail Valley Business Woman has served the community of professional women in Colorado’s Vail Valley since 1977. Currently we have more than 60 members from all types of businesses and welcome non members to attend our meetings as guests. We are proud of our philanthropic tradition and are happy to serve our community by providing financial support to deserving programs and individuals and sharing our energy, time and concern with women and families in need.

A: The group has maintained a core with new members joining and some members leaving the valley. We have focused on giving back to our community as well as to our membership. We have a scholarship program and raise money for The Resource Center and a local breast-cancer-awareness group.

We invite prominent speakers to give presentations to our members and guests. Each meeting provides participants an opportunity to promote their businesses as well make friendships that evolve outside the group’s activities.

We alternate our meeting schedule each month with a networking meeting and presentations.- We make a real effort to find topics that are relevant to our membership that help them both personally and professionally. Some of our previous presentation topics have included: how to manage your credit, marketing your business, “nurturing your business “coaching seminar, financial planning and retirement strategies, etc.

A: I think it is easier for women to be in business than it was 20 or 30 years ago. First of all, there are more professional women because education is on more of a parity than it once was, so women are more competitive with men in the business and technical- world. In general, men have become more accepting and families have adapted. Twenty- years ago, most women’s incomes were considered to be secondary, and that is not the case today. Lenders are more willing to lend money to women to start businesses, and other sorts of credit are more readily available.

Unfortunately, child care always has been an issue and that has not changed. Women in business always have needed to share ideas on how to juggle their lives so that they can reap the full benefits of being in business for themselves.

A: We sponsor programs in networking, financial seminars, marketing and computer technology.

A: When I look back at the effort that I have put into the VVBW, I only can say I have gotten tenfold back. This is an organization that is invaluable.- I have made so many contacts that would have been near impossible to make. Without these contacts, my business would not have been so successful and enjoyable.

We hope to contribute enough to Friendship Bridge to have established at least one micro-bank, which would be wonderful. I know that already we have been able to help the Women’s Resource Center, which has a direct impact on families here in the valley.- Wouldn’t it be exciting if in the next five years they are able to find a cure for breast cancer, and we could say we played a small part?

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