Question for commissioner candidates: Will you resign current position?

Dick Mayne

EAGLE COUNTY — Today, we pose the following question to two candidates for the Eagle County Board of Commissioners: Will you resign the positions to which you have been elected (Jeanne McQueeney, school board; Dick Mayne, Gypsum Town Council)? Will you or any business with which you are associated continue receiving money that originates with or is handled by the county, beyond your commissioner salary?

Dick Mayne, Republican, District 3

In order to do my best job for the county I feel it would be necessary for me to resign my positions on the Gypsum Town Council and also the Planning and Zoning Commission. This is something that I have always intended to do and have set the date of Dec. 31 as my date of resignation from Gypsum governmental activities. This finishes out the year for me in Gypsum and occurs prior to my taking office as a commissioner in January.

It is my intent to focus my attentions on county business as that is a full-time job that needs no other distractions. One of the most important things we must learn in this life is service to our fellow human beings. If elected as your Eagle County commissioner, I will be honest, fair and worthy of your trust.

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I have no business that is currently supported by contributions from the county nor will I have any in the future. In my opinion, the county commissioner position is one that should have no potential conflicts of interest or even the hint of such from current or prior dealings.

Jeanne McQueeney, Democrat, District 3

My term on the school board is scheduled to end in November 2015. The work of the school board is personally meaningful and fulfilling. It’s hard to think about leaving this position prematurely. However, my ability to be an effective leader could be compromised if I attempted to participate in both boards simultaneously. If elected I will resign my position on the school board.

The timeline for that transition will be set through dialog with the current Board of Education, the superintendent of schools, the county commissioners and the county manager. I am committed to leaving the school board with a strong strategic plan to guide student success, and with a seamless transition.

As for my other work, I am the executive director of Early Childhood Partners. Early Childhood Partners has received grant and contract funding from the county for many years in order to improve the quality opportunities for children ages 0-5 and will continue to do so into the future. Since Early Childhood Partners fills a gap in early childhood services that no other organization is able to fill, it is reasonable to assume there will be future contracts and grants. For more information on the work of Early Childhood Partners, please visit the website at

If I am fortunate enough to earn the votes and support to become county commissioner, my role as executive director of Early Childhood Partners will change. I will not draw any salary or compensation from ECP that is in anyway tied to work completed through contract for the county. There are also procedural safeguards in place that I would adhere to so as not to create any conflict of interest.

Your additional questions are welcome. I am eager for the opportunity to both serve and learn from our community. I am thankful for your confidence and your vote.

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