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Quick Fixes

Chrystal Clear

There’s nothing worse than being caught ill prepared. You’re on vacation, you look in the mirror and starring back at you is the largest pimple you’ve seen in decades. Without your regular choice of zit zappers that fill your medicine cabinet, what do you do? You’re about to walk into a huge meeting and you realize that your face looks like an oil-slick, without any powder to blot away some of the excess oil, what are you going to do? Below are a few tricks-of-the-trade that will hopefully be able to get you through when you’re in a tight pinch.Quick Fix No. 1: Oily faceAs the weather heats up, those of us with oily skin have an even greater challenge of keeping our makeup in place and controlling the natural oils that our skin produces. For starters, try using an oil-free daily moisturizer. Carrying rice papers in your purse for blotting your face periodically during the day will also help decrease an oily look. Look for powdered rice blotting papers. These not only remove excess oil, and add a thin layer of powder, which will help your face look oil-free for longer. When you’re really in a pinch without any powder or blotting papers, try using a toilet seat cover to remove excess oil from your face. I know it sounds crazy, but they work just as well as the rice papers trust me!Quick Fix No. 2: Zit zapperThere you are, no Clearasil to be found and you’ve got a huge new growth on your face. Before bed, apply a dab of toothpaste to your pimple and by the morning it should be greatly reduced in size and dried out. With any luck you’ll have some whitening toothpaste on hand, which will help to reduce the redness.Quick Fix No. 3: Earring backingYou’re out on the town and you suddenly lose the backing to your earring. After recovering the earring itself, ask the maitre’d or bartender for a pencil. Break off the eraser tip and use it as a substitute earring backing until you get home.Quick Fix No. 4: Loose hemIt’s too late, you didn’t realize until you left the house that the hem on your skirt, pants or jacket has come undone and is hanging below your hem-line. Quickly find some tape, pin or a sticker if you’re really in a bind and do a little tailoring of your own. Tape, pin or stick that hem in place until you can get home to fix it yourself with a thread and needle or get it to a tailor.Quick Fix No. 5: LintOn your way out to dinner in your cute new black ensemble and stop at your friend’s house to pick her up. She happens to have a fleet of white cats who absolutely adore you and leave you covered in white hair. Unfortunately your friend can find her lint brush and you can’t go out covered in cat hair. Use some tape. Wrap it around your hand a few times and use your hand the way you would a lint brush. It works like a charm and no one will ever know you were playing with the cats.When caught off guard without your usual fixes, just be creative. There is always more than one way to get a job done.Crystal Clear is a socially savvy Vail native who brings a candid female’s opinion and pointers to the Vail Trail. Crystal would love to hear your opinions at crystalclearinvail@yahoo.com.

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