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Quick Takes

Now that the fire ban has been lifted in Eagle County’s forests, we can get back to burning stuff around the campfire. As Tom Hanks bellowed in the film “Cast Away”: I-HAVE-CREATED … FIRE!

It’s a feeling unlike almost anything else, this fire-creation business. Power, danger and good, plain fun come together, with the result being that you can get warm, cook a dog or level an entire forest.

The lifting of the ban only means something to you if you’re a camper. Believe it or not, plenty of people we know would no sooner spend the night in a tent than they would march off to join the Taliban. But that’s a different story.

The real issue is that primal need for fire. Those gas stoves just don’t seem to cut it, on a visceral level – probably because they’re just too darn confined and predictable. A fire made of wood, however, is, literally, a force of nature that can, and too often does, get out of control. Sometimes we wonder not why fire bans are put in place but, rather, why they’re ever lifted. Seems like just a recipe for disaster but, then, so are cigarettes.

With the recent wet and chilly weather, it’s nice to know that, as campers are hunkered around fires in the campgrounds and up in the back country, the chances of them creating a major conflagration are somewhat limited. Even so, let’s be careful out there, shall we folks? There’s an awful lot of wealthy second homeowners out there who’d be downright miffed if they’re forest-ensconced timber manse were reduced to an ash heap.

Could cut into tourism, too, if we’ve got no trees left. But think of the beetle problem it would solve!

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