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Quick Takes

Don Rogers

The land in and around the B&B gravel pit – long a center of speculation in metastasizing Edwards – has a neighborhood or two’s grapevines buzzing with word of developers signing a contract to buy 70 acres next to the pit.Some of the rumors are wonderfully detailed, which has amazed the developers since they say they still don’t know exactly what they’d like to do and they are very much still negotiating to purchase three other parcels bordering each other. Besides, not even the 70-acre deal has closed.The interest is understandable. Edwards has swelled to a population of around 9,000 people – biggest “town” in Eagle County, except it’s not incorporated. What would another large commercial and residential development on both sides of the Eagle River mean?Edwards resident Rick Hermes, who along with George Sanders, is working on buying these parcels, says he too wants what works for the community.After all, as he puts it, he has to live and work there, too.D.R.

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